All You Should Know About Indiana State Life in 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has made many adjustments to our everyday lives, but it does not mean that there is no possibility for maintaining an active lifestyle anymore. Almost all businesses moved online (now you can even check the Hoosier Lotto results using their app). Schools and universities switched to teaching remotely, restaurants only offer takeaway food, and different events are conducted in accordance with all the new hygienic requirements.

The total number of coronavirus cases is nearing half of a million in the state of Indiana, and the number of deaths has almost reached eight thousand. It is vital to stick to the primary rules and not neglect to wear a mask when you are out, as well as keep washing hands thoroughly. However, the positive approach can help make things relatively less overwhelming and find ways to satisfy different spheres of your life.

Let’s look at how Indiana state life will look like in the upcoming year considering all the COVID-19 restrictions.


Enrollment and education processes are perhaps the most intimidating question for future students. It is quite difficult, if not downright impossible, to understand what awaits them in the next academic year and how it all operates now. Many universities and colleges, including mastodons like Indiana State University and Purdue University, have implemented coronavirus related protocols for students and visitors, events, campus living. They include guidelines on face covering, daily practices and class preparations, and additional information for cases of students’ illnesses.

Most of them have also created an online academic calendar and scheduled all the accompanying events for Zoom meetings in order to convey the most comprehensive program and support for their students regardless of whether it is a remote form of learning or not. Thus, universities can maintain the teaching process and make campus community health and safety the highest priority.

Festivals and Seasonal Events

According to the resources, all the festivals are now “limited to 25% capacity at most, and they may include more than 50 people only if the event has an approved safety plan from the Marion County Public Health Department”. Those restrictions also apply to sports events, fairs, weddings, concerts, conventions, and outdoor movie screenings.

Nevertheless, the Indianapolis event calendar is stuffed with concerts, exhibitions, fairs, and festivals, which means that city life can still be entertaining and diverse. It just took some time to accept the rules and adjust their formats for COVID-19 requirements.

Indiana is famous for its Maple Syrup Festival, scheduled this year on February 27th and 28th and March 6th and 7th in Salem. It will be held alongside all regular activities, from the maple syrup making demonstration, learning modern sap collecting to offering you to try pancakes, waffles, maple barbecued pork chops, or a pulled pork sandwich.

Just like in the case of any other special event during the pandemic, it would be best to check out the additional information on the festival’s website. When planning to visit an event, it is also essential to consider peak hours in order to avoid crowds and long wait times for parking or food areas, as well as remember about social distancing (at least six feet) and face covering, as outdoor public spaces still require masks if maintaining the right distance is not possible.

Bars and Restaurants

Governor Eric Holcomb presented the “Back On Track” plan to steadily open Indiana businesses. Bars and restaurants may operate at 50% indoor capacity and close between 12 am, and 5 am daily. They are allowed to operate at 100% outdoor capacity. However, colder months are not the most suitable time for outdoor activities, especially with the looming risk of catching a cold that can set the ground for the coronavirus.

It still will be possible to go out for dinner, but it would be more reasonable to stick to takeaways or deliveries in order to minimize the risks and make health your priority. Food courts in shopping malls, gyms and fitness centers, swimming pools, libraries, and funeral homes are also limited to 50% indoor capacity.


Unfortunately, the second wave of this coronavirus pandemic entailed too many new cases of illness, so even despite the vaccine, it still will take a lot of time to get back to pre-pandemic life. However, it does not mean that you have to spend all of 2021 in isolation at home.

Indiana state is highly interested in keeping small businesses alive, and community services and programs continue to work. COVID-19 response requirements were created to make that possible. According to these rules, all the spheres of social life can continue to operate. Every new update ensures that the restrictions are adjusted to the state’s current situation in general, and every county in particular.

The tourist niche remains the last one to recover fully, but traveling to the Indiana state, especially Indianapolis, is now available and can be deemed safe, if you follow the official guidelines. Many local portals provide up-to-date information about the number of cases, as well as the best places to stay in or visit. Still, everybody needs to stay responsible in order to maintain the public safety, so it is recommended to make your plans considering all the restrictions and limit all unnecessary interactions.


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