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Dubai real property for investment. The purchase of flats, apartments, villas by foreigners. The latest offers from developers and real property agencies in the UAE this year.

Dubai remains one of the most popular destinations, considered by foreigners not only as a place to move for permanent residence, but also as an investment option. Investments in ready-made real property and off plan properties in Dubai, UAE allow you to save money and increase it. The dynamically developing market demonstrates amazing figures. The housing worth of more than $41 million was sold in the emirate in 2021 alone. Let’s consider what are the advantages of investing in overseas real property and whether there are risks. 

Why is it profitable to invest in Dubai real property?

The UAE includes seven emirates. However, Dubai remains the largest one among them. The population of the metropolis is about 3 million people, while about 90% are expats. This makes real property in demand not only among the tourists. Many choose a metropolis to move to run a business, for which the advantageous conditions are created here. In addition to the high demand for flats and apartments, there are several other reasons why overseas real property in Dubai remains attractive in the minds of foreigners:

  • Favorable prices. If the cost of housing is compared with analogues in other large cities, this can be seen clearly. If a not very spacious apartment in New York can be bought for 500 thousand dollars , then in Dubai it is possible to find a penthouse or a detached house for this amount.
  • High profitability ratio. When renting out housing, you can receive income 6-8% annually. At the same time, the demand for real property does not depend on the season.
  • Liquidity. The cost of housing stock is steadily growing. Therefore, apartments can be considered not only as a source of regular income, but also as an option for capitalization of funds. You can always sell an apartment and get a larger amount for it than was invested in purchase.

The choice of properties is wide enough to pick up both a budget studio apartment and a high-end villa on the sea coast.

Investments in apartments and villas with a view to subsequent rental

In 2022, there is an increase in rental rates, while compact apartments were previously in high demand, but since the beginning of the pandemic, an increasing number of tenants prefer spacious housing. This makes not only apartments with several bedrooms in demand, but also townhouses and villas.  It is important to consider that the owner receives a net profit. There are no personal income taxes in the UAE. Therefore, when renting out housing, the owner will receive the rental payment in full with no additional expenses. The convenient system of real property trust management is provided for foreigners. If its rental is entrusted to a licensed agency, it is possible to make a profit remotely without visiting the country. The search for tenants and the supervision of housing are undertaken by specialists.

The most promising districts of Dubai for real property investment

The housing stock on the coast remains traditionally in demand. It is possible to buy an apartment in the Dubai Marina community or invest in Palm Jumeirah real property. The central parts of the emirate, including Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, Emar Beachfront are no less popular. Dubai Creek Harbor, where the construction of the tallest tower in the world is underway, is attracting more and more investor interest. The new district will offer spectacular scenery and includes both residential and commercial properties. More detailed information about the emirate’s communities and available offers from developers and local real property agencies, can be got in the source

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