Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 7 – No Luck!


Any doctor willing to do Bicillin shots for me?Lyme Disease

Okay, what’s up with the medical community???? I have been having a hard time finding a nurse or doctor who is willing to administer theBicillin injections or work with Dr. MdFadzean. I even had a family member who is in the medical profession tell me, “NO!”

Bicillin Injection for Lyme disease

Another doctor not keen on administering Bicillin for meBicillin

The other day I saw an infectious disease specialist who told me that despite having a positive IGenix test, she does not think I have Lyme. Of course, she wasn’t sure why I was limping or about my other symptoms. She also admitted that she’s never treated anyone with chronic Lyme disease. Greeaaat! Obviously, she wasn’t willing to administer the Bicillin. She wants me to do another blood test, another Western Blot. I guess she doesn’t really trust the results from IGenix test.

Bicillin, an IM injectionSelf-injection

I have considered trying to give the injections to myself, but Bicillin is an intramuscular injection which means that the needle is longer and requires that it be given in the upper/outer quad of the buttocks. I also have to be careful not to hit an artery when administering the injection. My husband offered to give me the shots, but we can’t find anyone to show him how to do it and he doesn’t feel comfortable “reading about” how to administer Bicillin.

What is Bicillin?

Bicillin is another kind of penicillin — specifically penicillin G benzathine. It is prepared from the reaction of the dibenzylethylene diamine with two molecules of penicillin G.

Since Bicillin is also a penicillin, the drug is used for treating bacterial infections. Bicillin is a suspension (a liquified mixture containing some solid particles) that is injectible into the muscle (intramuscular injection).

Bicillin is one of the antibiotic treatments for Lyme disease. Lyme patients who aren’t able to tolerate oral medications are often given Bicillin injections. They are also administered to Lyme patients who are nearing completion of their treatment.

Bicillin is often injected on the cheeks (buttocks) for they have a large volume of muscle. It can be injected on the arms or thighs but they don’t have as much muscle as the buttock’s.

More info about Lyme disease and Bicillin

For those of you who are interested in learning more about Bicillin injections, this website has some great information.

How to do an IM Bicillin injection for Lyme Disease

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