Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 4 – Supplements and Herbs

Healing process still ongoing

I am finding that treating Lyme disease is not just about taking antibiotics. It is about incorporating dietary changes and adding supplements to help the healing process along. As I wait for the test results, my naturopathic doctor started me on some supplements and herbs to help me with my symptoms.

Beginning My Journey with Late Stage Lyme Disease

About a week or so prior to visiting Dr. McFadzean, I noticed that my mind was clearing a bit. I didn’t have as many days of constant brain fog, where completing sentences and remembering the names of my children were such a chore.

I have been using a supplement by Shaklee called Mental Acuity that I think is really helping.

I have used the Mental Acuity before to prepare for the mountain climbing, as the gingko helps reduce the effects of altitude sickness (which it did). It seems like it is also helping me with my concentration!

Certain supplements and herbs that I takeCertain supplements and herbs that I take

In a previous blog, I mentioned that Dr. McFadzean gave me supplements and herbs to help me with some of my symptoms. Additional information can be found in her book, The Lyme Diet. If I quote anything in this blog entry it will be from her book and I’ll reference the page number. Here is what I’m taking:

  1. Transfer Factor Multi-Immune by Researched Nutritionals. This supplement is suppose to help boost a person’s immune system (pg. 176).
  2. Energy MultiPlex by Researched Nutritionals. “Many Lyme disease sufferers have compromised adrenal function, as the very nature of chronic illness is such a stress to the body that cortisol levels often become eroded over time. Supporting the adrenals is a very important part of treatment (pg. 178).
  3. Soothe and Relaxx by Researched Nutritionals. This supplement helps with inflammation and pain.

In addition to taking these supplements, Dr. McFadzean also recommended that I take some natural antimicrobials. I’m taking Dr. Nicola’s Lyme Support Formula. I’m also taking Dr. Nicola’s Smilax. This herbal treatment is suppose to help with neurological problems associated with Lyme and helps with the “herx” reactions. “A herx reaction is also known as a die-off reaction. Particularly at the beginning of treatment, when bugs are killed by medications or herbs, they release endotoxins, which can make an individual feel much worse before they start feeling better” (pg. 185).

If you would like to learn more about Dr. McFadzean’s approach to treating Lyme disease, then I highly recommend that you read her book, The Lyme Diet. You can also go to her website to get more information

Another book that does an excellent job discussing traditional and alternative forms for treating Lyme, is The Lyme Disease Solution by Kenneth B. Singleton, M.D.


How Lyme Disease and Its Treatments Work