Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 3 – My Visit With Dr. McFadzean

Now in San Diego for another test

After seeing 3 neurologists, 1 podiatrist, and 1 orthopedic doctor, I am in San Diego, seeing a naturopathic doctor that specializes in tick-borne diseases.

Not-so-cheap lab tests

I spent about an hour or so with Dr. McFadzean discussing my symptoms and going over my medical history. She told me that my symptoms sound like they would be related to Lyme Disease, but said that doing the lab tests would be the best way to know for sure.

Okay, the lab tests are not cheap. I knew going into this that we were going to have to drop some serious coin, but the shock of it never quite hits you until you hear the final amount. I had to pay about $1400 for all the tests that Dr. MdFadzean ordered. It’s never fun having to pay out that kind of cash, especially when you know that your insurance company will probably not reimburse you for any of it.

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Taking herbs and supplements

I don’t want to skimp on anything though. I want to make sure that we have the full picture on what is going on with me. I know that lab tests are never 100% accurate, but from what I have read, IGeneX is suppose to be the gold standard in testing for tick-borne diseases.

Before I left, Dr. McFadzean gave me some supplements and herbs that she wanted me to try that she felt would help with some of my symptoms. I have also started following her diet from her book, The Lyme Diet.

If I don’t have Lyme, I have an appointment already scheduled to see a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in Florida. While I don’t necessarily want to have a positive test for LD, I also don’t want to go to the Mayo Clinic to go through yet another round of tests.

I will have to wait ten business days before I find out the test results. It is now the beginning of April and all this started at the end of January. Waiting is difficult, but I’m trusting that God will work it all out one way or another.

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