Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 17 – More on Supplements


In my previous article, I listed the supplements and herbs that I take for the Cowden Protocol. I purchase some of the herbs directly from my doctor and others I order from Nutramedix. Nutramedix is the company that manufactures the following herbs/supplements that I take for the Cowden Protocol: Cumanda; Serrapeptase; Burbur; Pinella; Adrenal; Parsley; Magnesium Malate; Zeolite; and Samento.

I don’t know if Nutramedix offers the best prices for their herbs, but I have never had any problems with their shipping or the quality of their products. They have excellent customer service and they offer a reward points program, free shipping, and other special offers that provide me with some good discounts and savings.

More information on Nutramedix

I know when I first considered the Cowden Protocol, I was a little weary of trying things that I couldn’t pronounce. So I was really relieved when I found this website and read more about what each of the herbs do and how they combat a wide variety of illnesses.

This website also provides videos of Dr. Cowden explaining how the Nutramedix products can be used and a very detailed schedule and explanation on how to implement the Cowden Protocol. Although the instructions are fairly detailed, I think it’s important to consult a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor to diagnose your symptoms and to monitor your use of the herbs and supplements for this protocol.

In addition to information on the Cowden Protocol, the site also includes research articles, a science library, and testimonials. It’s a great site and really helpful in learning more about how the herbs can help you heal from Lyme or other bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

Bullseye Rash

Other herbal supplements for Lyme sufferers

As for the other supplements, I get them directly from my doctor. Here are the websites where they can be ordered. Unfortunately, I think you have to be a licensed healthcare practitioner in order to purchase these supplements directly from the manufacturer.

Bromelain: (Complementary Prescriptions Bromelain is one of the digestive enzymes that I take that helps to dissolve the fibrin layers of bacteria associated with Lyme Disease.

DMSA: (Complementary Prescriptions This supplement helps with the detoxification process that is so essential to healing from Lyme. Specifically, it helps remove any heavy metals that you may have in your system.

Nema Base: The Nema Base supplement helps your body to be more alkaline which is beneficial for reducing inflammation in your body.

Dextrol: This is an Aloe Vera juice that my doctor purchases from a local company in Dallas. Aloe Vera juice is great for dealing with the inflammation that comes with LD and also helps to heal the gut and is reported to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Quinton: An excellent source of minerals.