Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 16 – Seven Months Later

Signs of improvement

It’s been a long time since my last installment, but since then I am happy to say that the Cowden Protocol has been working really well for me!

Here is a list of what I have been taking for the Cowden Protocol:


40 drops in ¼ c water
30 min. before breakfast and dinner
2 caps
30 min. before BF and dinner;
2 caps
2x/dayT, Th, Sat, Sun
30 min. before BF and dinner;
8 drops in ¼ cup water
3x/day Odd days
30 min. after Cumanda
8 drops in ¼ cup water
3x/day Everyday
30 min. after Cumanda
8 drops in ¼ cup water
2x/day Everyday
30 min. after Cumanda
8 drops in ¼ cup water
3x/day Even days
30 min. after Cumanda
Dextrol (Aloe Vera drink)
1 T in 8 oz water
2x/day everyday
15 min before or after eating
Nema Base
2 tabs
3x/day everyday
30 min. after Cumanda
Magnesium Malate
2 caps
2x/day everyday
30 min. after Cumanda
1 vial
2x/day everyday
2 cap
Mon/Th after dinner
2 cap
Mon/Th after dinner
30 cap
1x/day everyday
30 min before bedtime
MCT Oil/Coconut Oil
2 T
3x/day daily



As you can see, it’s kind of a part time job, but for me, it has been worth it! My doctor says that I have several more months of treatment left based on his testing, but I can tell you that I am feeling so much better and stronger. I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing me healing through this protocol!

I have other issues that I’m dealing with, (kind of the aftermath of Lyme) and in my next posting I’ll share with you all everything I’ve been doing for that.


How Lyme Disease and Its Treatments Work

Lyme Story – Treatment, Hope and Success

A bit of information about Lyme disease

Lyme disease is an illness that occurs mostly on the Northern Hemisphere. It is an infectious disease, transmitted to humans by a deer tick that carries the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto. It was first discovered in 1975, in the town of Lyme, Connecticut, hence the name of the disease.

Those who have been infected by Lyme disease typically suffer from bulls-eye rash and arthritis. Since this is a multi-systemic disease, people afflicted with Lyme will also have problems with their heart, brain and other parts of nervous system. Severe fatigue, light sensitivity, depression and anxiety are the other symptoms, although these symptoms can be similar to those of the other illnesses (unless the bulls-eye rash is present).

As of curing Lyme disease, antibiotics is the only chief treatment yet. There are also dietary restrictions for the person who suffers it. He/she should not eat anything with gluten, dairy and sugar as they aggravate the inflammation in the body. There are certain supplements as well that should be taken by the infected person, to boost his/her immune system.
What is the Cowden Protocol?

The Cowden Protocol or the Cowden Support Program (CSP) is a protocol developed by Dr. Lee Cowden, originally to treat the late stage of Lyme disease. Now it can also be used to administer to patients who are suffering the “post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome” (which is incorrectly referred to as Chronic Lyme Disease)

Nutramedix is a company that manufactures supplements intended for the Lyme sufferers. This program uses more than a dozen or so various Nutramedix products including herbals for microbial defense. These potent supplements and herbal extracts greatly eliminate the Borrelia bacteria and most Lyme symptom’s root causes. Under a certain period of treatment, this protocol successfully improves the condition of the Lyme patients by up to 80%.