Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 12 – And so it begins…

The medication begins

In addition to all the oral antibiotics, I will start IV antibiotics. I never thought that I would have to go that route, but I’m praying that this will speed up the healing process.



Additional medical expenses!

After much going back forth on whether or not my insurance would cover the IV treatments, I have finally started getting infusions two times per week. My insurance will not cover the cost for Rocephin, but we were able to find a pretty good deal for 30 vials of the generic brand at Costco for less than $100. That is an excellent price considering 30 vials for Rocephin would have cost us $2000!!!! Big ouch! We are not sure though if my insurance will cover the doctor visits for each of the treatments, but we should know that in a few weeks after some of the claims have been filed. In the meantime, we have decided to go ahead and start the IVs, hoping that we won’t have the doctor visits as an additional expense. LYME – it’s not cheap!!!!

My Lyme medication over the months

additional-medicinesAdditional medicines

In addition to the IV infusions, I am taking 400 mg of Doxcy, 100 mg of diflucan, and 200 mg of Amoxicillin daily. 3x/week I pulse in 250 mg of Azithromycin and during the first five days of the month I take Tindimax 500 mg.


What each of those drugs does to my Lyme?

Why all the pharmaceuticals? Well the short answer to that is that each of the various antibiotics attack the various forms of the Lyme bacteria. Doxcy and Rocephin, for example, are able to attack the spirochete form of the bacteria, while Tindimax treats the cystic form of the bacteria. LLMDs all have various antibiotic protocols that they use in order to treat their patience and to prevent them from developing a resistance to the medication.

lyme-disease-expensesI found this article, “Lyme Disease: A Basic Education”, by Matthew Goss. It has some very useful information on the basics of Lyme and also the different types of antibiotics used to treat this disease and related coinfections.

Lyme Disease – Integrated Medicine

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