Alana’s Lyme Journey – Eating Gluten Free

Eating gluten-free diet a challenge

This week I started eating gluten (and dairy) free. I am trying this new diet to hopefully address some inflammation issues I’ve been having due to Lyme disease.


Lactose and Gluten-Free: What I Eat!

I am an endurance athlete, so the thought of not being able to carbo-load on bread and pasta terrifies me! I love my oatmeal, granola, spaghetti, and bagels! I’m in mourning…

I tried eating a gluten free bagel once. It was so bad, I chose to skip breakfast and starve. Trust me, no amount of cream cheese, jelly, or coffee could mask the funky metallic taste that lingered after every bite!

I’ve also tried rice spaghetti noodles. Can we say – YUCK! To be fair, I think I overcooked the noodles, but they still tasted like strings of glue with spaghetti sauce on it! Only my six year old son could possibly think that was cool.

Oh well, I believe in second chances, so I’m going to give this gluten free thing another try. Today, I’m going to Sprout’s to check out their gluten free section. I remain hopeful…

Gluten-free diet: how does it help Lyme disease sufferers?

There is actually no scientific evidence that gluten intolerance aggravate Lyme disease, but the diet relies on mostly theories and patient testimonials.

Lyme disease is one ailment which is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar to those of other diseases like Epstein-Barr or gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity on the other hand, is not the same as Celiac disease, an ailment which damages the lining of the small intestine which prevents the absorption of nutrients. This is caused by a negative reaction to gluten. Persons with glluten sensitivity may not have Celiac disease, but otherwise have an allergic reaction towards gluten.


Anyway, Lyme disease sufferers shouldn’t rely solely on a gluten-free diet as it has found no scientific link yet between gluten intolerance and Lyme disease. However, the diet brings great benefits to them (as some patients’ testimonials prove):

  • Most gluten-based processed foodstuffs contain carbohydrates. The more consumption of carbs, the more chances that people will suffer Type II diabetes. Lyme disease patients who also suffer diabetes or have resistance to insulin will greatly benefit from a gluten-free diet
  • Gluten is a molecule which is hard to digest, and when it’s taken poorly, it would cause inflammation in the body. That’s why a gluten-free diet is recommended for patients of auto-immune diseases such as lupus, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis as well as Lyme disease.

Some Lyme patients who are on a gluten-free diet feel frustrated because they don’t notice any dramatic changes in their health. However, removing gluten in a Lyme sufferer’s diet doesn’t have any negative side effects either, so some patients see no harm in endeavoring themselves to a gluten-free diet. As Lyme disease causes weight loss, it leaves patients undernourished. So they should ensure themselves of a balanced diet that includes the right amount of calories while they’re trying to minimize the consumption of gluten.

Eating Out Gluten Free (Vlog)