Air Duct Cleaning – What Affects The Cost?


There’s really nothing quite as convenient for a homeowner or business owner as a functioning climate control unit. Things like central air, mini-splits, and HVAC units keep buildings very comfortable no matter the outside conditions. Though for as much as we praise these units themselves, none of their effects would be possible without quality ductwork to carry the conditioned air. Ductwork is, unfortunately, something most of us take for granted, especially when it comes time to clean it

Companies like Western Canadian Furnace Company are there to help with residential duct cleaning, but you still might want to know what the total cost is going to be. It’s really hard to tell. The fact is, there are many variables to consider in the final cost. Here are a few that might affect the price. Meanwhile, you can click the following link if you want the best service for air duct cleaning in San Antonio.

Variables That Affect the Bottom Line of Air Duct Services

1. How Far a Company Has to Travel

The first thing on the list here that’s going to control the overall price is how far the company has to travel. Fuel isn’t free, and with a semi-post-Covid economy in 2021, it’s not even cheap. Companies are paying a whole lot more for the fuel it takes to drive around from job to job, and they’re not going to eat this loss. Unfortunately, this is something that they pass on to you. So, it would likely serve you best and help you get the lowest possible estimate if you decide to go with a company that’s relatively local. They won’t have any expenses to tack on for traveling. Here’s the link to the best dryer duct cleaning in San Antonio for professional dry vent cleaning without spending too much.

2. How Big (expansive) the Duct Work Actually Is

How large is your home? Ductwork typically runs above the ceiling throughout the entirety of your home. So, the more bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage you have, the more ductwork you’re going to have. Although this doesn’t present much of a problem when it comes to a qualified company reaching extra ductwork to clean it, it does take them more time and more equipment to get the job done. As you might imagine, this is a variable that’s going to change the price. Larger houses with more ductwork cost more, and smaller houses cost less—pretty simple economics in that regard.

3. How Dirty the Duct Work Is

You would be shocked to learn just how dirty some ductwork can be. There have been stories about people who have bought really old houses that have been painted with new floors put down, etc., and so they look new. Though when they get into those ducts, they find decades’ worth of build-up. Understand that if the company has to do extra work to clean those ducts out for you, there’s going to be an extra charge. They’re not exactly charging by the foot here. Residential duct cleaning companies are charging based on the job. If it’s involved and messy, it’s going to cost a bit more than a simpler cleaning job.

4. The Company You Choose

We spoke earlier about choosing locally so that the company in question doesn’t tack on those extra travel expenses. Well, you also have to be careful of which company you’re choosing to begin with. Even though they might be local, or at least relatively close, that still doesn’t mean that they’re charging a lower rate than some others. You have to be fully aware of what a company is going to charge you. The flat rate of a company is a huge variable when it comes to setting a final price. What you should do is put your trust only in the type of company that allows you to get a free quote from their website. This way, you have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be expected to pay. Companies that don’t offer this tend to jack up the charges a lot more on you once the job is finished.

The good part about having your air ducts cleaned is that you won’t need to do this a whole lot. Every few years or so. It’s not as if you’re going to have to spend a ton of money on maintaining your ductwork. However, when it is time to have them cleaned, you cannot afford to go with anything less than the best. You want to ensure that this job is done correctly by a qualified, professional company.

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