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Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

Sometimes you need to find out what is going wrong with your air conditioner, and you do not want to call a repairman just yet. There are some things that you can do to troubleshoot your issues and maybe call the big guns in later.

If you need to call a professional repairman, make sure you do your research and find the right one. Check online reviews, talk to friends and family, and get a list of reliable repairmen, then call and get estimates for the work that you believe needs done. You can always call Fuse HVAC Repair serving Irvine because they have great reviews and can do any of the work that you need done. They also have free estimates so they can save you money on the initial call.

Below is a list of some of the things that you can do to troubleshoot your air conditioner before you call out the repairman. They are all things that are simple enough for you to do on your own. If you run into any trouble, then you can call out the repairman.

Troubleshooting Hints

1. Check Thermostat

The first thing you want to do is to check your thermostat to make sure that it is working properly. Make sure that the display is working, if not, it may be as easy as replacing the batteries.

2. Check Switch

Check your selector switch to make sure that it is not set to “off,” check to see that it is in the “heat” or “cool” position. Also, make sure that it is set to a temperature that will allow your unit to come on.

3. Check Power Supply

Make sure that your electricity and gas are working, sometimes a power outage has occurred, and you did not realize it. If it is something that you can fix, then do so, but usually, it is a neighborhood issue, and you must wait for the professionals to fix it.

4. Check Circuit Breaker

Sometimes the issue is as simple as flipping a circuit breaker because we fail to notice that it was flipped off for some reason. Flip the breaker to the on position and see if that will fix your issue.

5. Check Drip Pan

Check your condensation drip pan and drain lines to see if they are clear. If these are backed up or filled with debris, they may trip the safety float switch that is put there to protect your home from flooding. If they are backed up or filled with debris, simply clean them and you might be able to get your air conditioner working again.

6. Is the Door in Place?

Sometimes, your issue is as simple as a door that is not completely latched, causing your unit to shut off for safety issues. Sometimes this door will shake open, and you will not even realize that it has happened. There are other things that you can troubleshoot, and this site has some of those ideas. Your unit can have something simple going on.

7. Clean Air Filter

Sometimes it is just a dirty air filter that needs to be addressed. A dirty air filter can cause your air conditioning unit to run badly or even shut down. By cleaning or replacing the filter, you can get your air conditioner to work properly again.

8. Check Intake Grills and Supply Registers

Make sure that the intake grills and supply registers are open, and that nothing is obstructing them. Your system needs to have sufficient airflow to work the right way. If there is insufficient airflow, your air conditioner is going to struggle to work correctly.

9. Check Pilot Light

On older units you might still have a pilot light – make sure that the pilot light is lit and working correctly. The pilot light will sometimes go out as a safety feature, going out when there is an issue with the unit. If you have a unit that still has a pilot light, it may be time to replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient unit.

10. Check Outdoor Coil

You will want to make sure that the outdoor coil is clean and free of debris or other obstructions. If the coils are dirty, it will cause your unit to not work efficiently and it will cause it to work harder to cool your home.

These are just some of the things that you need to check out before you call out a professional.



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