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AGM is a glass sales as well as installation company which is serving the commercial, residential as well as industrial clients in & around the Tri-state area. They are not only dedicated towards offering premium workmanship of the product line however they also provide best customer service. They have expert craftsmen who cut and fabricate the different type and shape of the glass using the start of the art and make it as per the specifications required by you.

They specialize in manufacturing as well as fabricating the different type of shows & tubs enclosure. All the models are handcrafted using excellence. Not only shower doors but they also manufacture the frameless mirror which is customized to meet your needs. More products include the glass shelves, glass tabletops, and seamless glass backsplash. They have developed a great relationship with our customers and have gained enough reputation in this field. All the customers are satisfied with the service provided by them.

Services offered

1. Shower doors

AGM Glass design can help you install the shower doors. Their precise glass and mirror will provide you 100% satisfaction. When you hire their services, you will see that their team will work from initial designing to budget step and install the shower doors perfectly. They offer you shower door design in different finishes, glass as well as enclosure styles; you can pick the most suitable design for your shower space and get it installed. Their team knows how to install a different type of frameless glass doors and single shower doors and many more.

Have a look at the shower door options offered by AGM glass design

  • Single shower doors

Shower doors

If you wish to make a sleek, modern-looking bathroom then you can choose single shower doors. No matter you wish to have wide or narrow glass doors, they have beautiful frameless single shower door which they offer in various finishes, styles or customize it as per your likings.

  • Frame as well as semi-frameless shower enclosure

These are the most versatile type of shower enclosure. These are offered in different sizes and layouts; they are regarded as low maintenance, durable as well as most economical choices for your bathrooms.

2. Mirror

dimensions to the home are added by the mirrors. Precisely sizes and place, mirrors make your small room to look larger as well brings the light in the darker places. AGM experts will help you get the right mirror which will fit in your office or home. There is offered both standards as well as customized pieces. Some of the custom mirror options offered by them are as follows-

  • Wall mirror– this type of mirror add sparkling to your room and hallways with natural lighting.
  • Hanging mirror – These are best home décor.


  • Mirror backsplashes– these also make your room to look larger.
  • Frames- AGM can create any mirror which fit the existing frame.

Mirror in the house is best to hide the imperfections like paint scratch, hole, discolored paint, etc. Also, a large mirror is beautiful accent pieces which decorate your room.

3. Railing

glass railing adds the luxury touch to the business or home. AGM designs railings for patios, decks balconies, and staircases. Glass railing requires low maintenance as well as little upkeeps. You might not know this fact that these railings help save money on electricity bills. The reflecting nature of these glass helps illuminate spaced and you need not put 2-3 lights.

AGM helps you install these glass railing and also they offer you repair services. They also manufacture these railing in laminate glass, colored glasses, tempered glasses and many more. Some of the types of glass railings we offer are-

  • Framed glass railing- This is a common railing system. This type of railing is safe as well as provides an air of sophistication which is not offered by other glass railing system. This system is made of glass panel which is held in place by aluminum or metal frames and it attached to the surface of any type.


  • Balcony and deck railing system- These are well known among the business as well as homeowners for balconies and decks. These are the ideal choice for them as it is durable and require less maintenance. Also, this type of railing will last long if cared properly.

4. Frameless glass railings

If you need railing without frames then you can also get that from AGM. These are designed to look more like framed glass railings however the glass panel does not contain the aluminum or metal frames around them. This kind of railing is usually installed around balconies, rooftop terraces, etc.

5. Storefronts

AGM offers you a full range of aluminum entrances as well as storefronts. You can rely on them for installing the storefronts. You just need to select the storefront designs which you wish to get installed.

6. Tabletops

AGM offers custom glass tabletops in various shapes and edges for any kind of furniture. No matter you got new furniture or old, they will fit glass tables as well as shelves with ease. You can pick the tabletops in different colors, edges details, and thickness.

So these are the services provided by the AGM glass designs. If you want a quote or estimate then they also offer you these facilities. Customer is free to contact us and also if they want they can visit our showroom. The showroom map is available on the site and you can the timing. The days on which showroom remain open are from Monday to Saturday.

For contacting you can call, email or fax them. They will respond you fast and make sure that you receive 100% satisfaction with their services. They will also help you find the best glass products for your home.  You can ask the experts and they are very friendly, they will offer you products which look best and falls within your budget.

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