Affordable Wine Cooler in 2021


Who doesn’t want a nice glass of champagne after a busy day at work? A cool glass of wine with a bubble bath is enough to take all your worries away and take you into a moment of bliss. But unfortunately, every one of us does not have the luxury to own an underground wine cellar.

We keep our wines in our fridge, but the taste in the fridge wine is nothing as compared to a properly stored bottle of wine in a cellar. For those of us who are not filthy rich, the next best thing is a wine cooler.

These wine coolers are meant to store the wine at a certain temperature so that our wine can stay delicious for a long time. There are thousands of different brands of wine coolers in the market, and it can be a little overwhelming to decide which one to buy.

That’s why I have brought you this guide for the best wine coolers out there. Also, find the best wine fridges under $500 here.

1. Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler

I’ll start my list with the most affordable wine cooler with the best features, i.e. Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler.

Although it is small, it is perfect for those of us who have a small new York apartment with five roommates. You don’t need to call an expert for the installation, order it and you will be enjoying your first glass of chilled wine within 20 minutes of its arrival.

And trust me when I say that it will go real easy on your budget. The price is 190 dollars only.

2. NewAir Freestanding 33 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge

Newair is famous for its economical products. Their wine cooler is a real lifesaver for those of you who want to own a wine cooler but do not want the extra expense that comes with it.

Soon after installation, you will see that there isn’t a major hike up on your electricity bill. And you’re getting your chilled wine very conveniently. There won’t be any extra noise in your apartment

Thanks to its sleek design you can keep it in your living room just beside your sofa and trust me, it will look good.

3. Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

If you’re looking for a versatile wine cooler, then wine enthusiasts silent 18 Bottle wine refrigerator should be your first choice.

It has a half tinted door. So you can store some of your wine for long term storage while some of the bottles are proudly on display. It is a dual-zone cooler so that all of your wine, including red as well as white wine, can be stored without a problem.

Final Words

In the article above, I mentioned the three best wine coolers out there. I tried to include only those in my list, which not only have good features but are also affordable. So try them out and let me know what you think.

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