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Bathco, a Spanish firm with headquarters in Santander, is well-known throughout the world for their premium bathroomware online. Since 40 years ago, Bathco has been involved in the design, production, and distribution of a wide variety of bathroom items. The corporation has overcome all obstacles thanks to its technological expertise and business acumen. Today, the corporation has operations on five continents.

Bathco has always been motivated to innovate in the area of upscale sanitary goods by their corporate philosophy, commitment, and vision for design and quality. In order to satisfy client wants and react to the shifting frequency of the market, they plan to adapt themselves to new theories.

They stay up to date on new concepts and technologies thanks to their connections to renowned designers and research facilities. In order to give its customers new options, the company makes significant stakes and investments in the development of new designs and the study of new materials.

Bathco is a market leader in the bathware sector because to its premium line of waterproof, lightweight, and naturally finished sanitary ware items. Bathco currently exports to more than 90 nations and has a vast distribution network. This vast array of more than 200 washbasins is not just on display in the Bathco showroom in Spain.

The location develops into a vibrant hub for customers, powerfully represents the company’s identity, and fosters interaction between the brand and its customers.

Bathco is still committed to producing cutting-edge designs that are not only practical but also uphold the moral standards that enhance the brand’s reputation.

This brand’s guiding principle has enabled them to present collections including Natural Series, Vintage & More, David Delfin y Mariscal, Gold & Silver, and Bathco Atelier.

The primary objective of the business has always been to maintain and improve quality. They strive to deliver a better product and guarantee that they give their clients and users top-notch service. The corporation has established an international committee to accomplish this goal. Giving each inquiry or order individual attention helps the firm achieve its objective of standing out in a market that has expanded in response to the demands of expanding business and customers.

Not only that, but Bathco has also received recognition for its ongoing successes by receiving accolades at various times and for a variety of reasons, which once again reflects their dedication and devotion to design, quality, and technology.

Bathco received the Best International Strategy Award from Cantabria Economica. Bathco won the Best Corporate Web prize at the 2010 Cantabria Web Awards, which were hosted by El Diario Montanes. The prototype corporate website for Bathco was able to win one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world in 2016, the Red Dot Awards in the category of online communication. The Silver A Design Award for Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware was given to Bathco in 2017.


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