A Guide to Making the Most of Your Backyard This Winter


As temperatures drop and the cold breeze takes over, you might be tempted to abandon your backyard and spend the winter indoors. It’s natural to rush inside when snow hits the ground to cuddle up under a blanket near the heater. But you don’t have to lock yourself up inside your home and put an end to backyard parties.

From switching up your furniture to adding a heater to the space, you can take a few steps to turn your outdoor area into a cozy retreat. Make the most out of your backyard this year with the following tips.

Set Up Windbreakers

The winter breeze might demotivate you to spend time outdoors, pushing you to head back into your cozy living room. You can prevent the whistling wind from disrupting your outdoor gathering by planting tall shrubs or installing a fence around your backyard to serve as a windbreaker. These barriers will reduce the impact of the wind that heads in your direction, allowing you to enjoy your time in the backyard.

Install Heating Sources

One of the simplest strategies to make your backyard more comfortable is adding heating sources, such as space heaters or fire pits, to the mix. When purchasing a space heater, make sure to measure your space to find a heater that will cover the entire area. You may also find heaters with unique features, such as safety shut-off and smart thermostat that simplifies the heating process while keeping you warm.

If you choose to install a fire pit, learn the local laws to ensure you follow all the rules and regulations, as some local governments may restrict backyard recreational fires. The laws may differ depending on whether you use a portable or permanent fire pit. Standard fire safety regulations regarding backyard recreational fires include a safe distance from combustible surfaces and the property line, no branches hanging over the fire, and adult supervision when using the fire pit.

Purchase Cozy Outdoor Furniture

Your seating area contributes vastly to how you and your guests feel when spending time in your backyard. Purchasing cozy outdoor furniture will make the place more desirable to many. Choose water-resistant furniture made specifically for the outdoors to reduce the risk of damage to the items.

Be mindful of your backyard’s size when selecting your new furniture, as you don’t want the area to look too cluttered, as it can make you or your guests uncomfortable. Look for space saving outdoor furniture that can be customized into different seating configurations. Modular outdoor furniture offers flexibility and convenience, enabling you to shrink or expand your seating area based on your needs. You can switch up the seating based on how often you use it and the number of people in your backyard.

Illuminate the Space

The days are shorter during the winter, and you might experience a winter slump, making you more tired when it’s cold and dark outside. Several physiological factors converge to make people feel exhausted during the winter, including reduced sun exposure, less vitamin D, and mood disturbances.

You’ll need to expose yourself to lighting to combat winter fatigue and boost your energy. Light triggers your brain to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin, helping you stay awake and feel energetic. Illuminate your backyard to fight the winter blues by adding abundant lighting sources. You can include twinkle lights, lamps, and candles.

Your backyard doesn’t have to be forbidden during the winter months. Show your outdoor space some love by making the changes above!

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