A guide to end of lease cleaning


It is the end of your rental contract and you have a month left to move out. Moving out is itself a tiring task but you have added responsibility to do end-of-lease cleaning because it is your responsibility to return the property in a tidy situation to get the complete refund of your security deposit. Along with all the other chores of moving out, cleaning is exhausting but for this purpose companies like Cheap as Chips Cleaning Melbourne can do this work for you.

If you are low on budget, here is a simple guide to how you can do an end of lease cleaning. And if you are looking for a professional and reliable carpet cleaner, open the given link.

When to start cleaning

A full house cleaning is not easy to do in a few days because there is a lot of dust accumulated over time since you started living in a house. So you have to start at least one month before returning the keys to the landlord. Do not burden yourself by working all day and night to finish the task in a few days but break down the chore bit by bit over a longer period. Divide your house into sections and allot the tasks to a specific number of days as per your convenience. For instance, three days for the kitchen, three for the washrooms, or two for the living room.

Make a checklist

Before starting anything, planning, and organization can make work much easier. Cleaning is not anything simple and you cannot just start from anywhere. Start by making a list of all the tasks to be done and places that are needed to be cleaned.

Include in your checklist all the things like cupboards, walls, basin and taps, floors, grass mowing, oven, etc. Division and subdivision of tasks are, even more, manageable. This will help you to stay focused and watch yourself making progress towards a clean house.

Have all necessary equipment prepared

Make sure you have all the necessary items needed in the process so you don’t have to rush to the market to buy things. Before starting, make a list of required cleaning tools and visit the market to have everything on hand. Vacuum cleaners, broomstick, rags, sponges, bleach, buckets, ladder, gloves, baking soda, pesticides, etc must be with you.

Stubborn stains like grease or rust need extra attention for which you must know the cleaning hacks.

Move your furniture

While day to day cleaning of the house, we often neglect the nooks and corners and surfaces behind or beneath the furniture where dust builds up so move your furniture to get rid of all the accumulated dust before a final inspection by the landlord.

Thorough cleaning

You need to focus on window ledges and panes, cooking range, cupboards, carpets, doors and knobs, taps and basins, and lawn because cleaning floors and walls is not enough for a profitable refund of security deposit.

After you have tidied up everything, you are good to return the keys and move out to your new destination.

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