A Guide to Determining Architect Fees for Extension Based on Various Factors


Knowing what factors contribute to the sum charged as architect fees for extension is a subject that generates a lot of discussion among homeowners. Regardless of whether you are involved in this discussion or not, you should be aware of the factors that influence architect fees for extension. This will help you understand what you are procuring. This article will cover what you should know about the subject to get started.

The Factors That Affect Architect Fees for Extension Projects

The amount you spend on architect fees for extension is based on a few different factors. You will be given a thorough explanation of the factors in this part. Let’s look into them.

1. The choice of an architectural company

Your choice of architectural company will affect how much you pay in architect fees for extension. Around the world, there are many architectural companies spread out with varying prices. Numerous factors can be identified as the cause of their disparate fees. One of the causes is the experts’ degree of professionalism within the company. While some companies are staffed with architects who have recently begun their careers, others are full of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in creating a variety of architectural drawings and extension designs. The reputation of the company is another factor that influences fee variations. A well-known architectural firm has effectively completed a large number of projects with positive customer feedback. These well-known companies charge more because they always strive to provide the best for their customers.

2. Extension types

There are various kinds of extensions. Rear extensions, side return extensions, wrap-around extensions, double storey extensions, dormer extensions, single storey extensions, porch extensions, and conservatories are some of the common kinds of extensions. Each of these kinds of extensions has different requirements. The size, shape, intricacy, and technicality of the design are all different. Because of this, the architect fee for extension varies depending on the type, which is one of the factors that affects how much you spend.

3. Design complexity

The complexity of the design varies depending on the type of extension, as was stated in the paragraph before. The cost that an architectural company will charge you will depend on this complexity. You should be aware that prices for each variety and level of complexity differ. For example, if you want a dormer extension, you may spend more or less than a friend paid. The intricacy of the designs that each of you desires is the reason.

4. Location

Location has an impact on how much you spend on architect fees for extension. Some locations are categorised as developed areas, developing areas, metropolitan areas, and rural areas. Additionally, some are GRAs, or government-reserved regions. Each of these factors affects how much you spend. It is possible that you would spend less when hiring an architect in a rural area than you would for a job with the same specifications in an urban setting.

5. Payment calculation

Different architect fees for extension packages are offered by architectural firms. The method of payment is one of the included items in a particular package. There are typically four ways for architects to get paid: hourly rates, fixed rates, percentage of job, and mixed fee rates. For example, with hourly rates, a certain amount is charged for each hour of labour performed. Alternatively, in a fixed rate system, the architect’s fee is predetermined depending on the project. Using a percentage of the job calculation, the architect charges between 5% and 10% of the overall cost to complete the project. Project management services, planning permit applications and approvals, feasibility studies, and many other items are included in the extension package as additional items.

Concluding Thoughts on Architect Fees for Extension

The amount you spend on architect fees for extension is determined by the factors that have been highlighted in this piece. The best advice is to hire an architect to take over the job from you if this is your first time doing any kind of extension. If you also want your extension to have the best design and a professional touch, look no further than hiring an architect to make your idea a reality.

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