A Guide to Choose the Ceiling Fan That Adds More Beauty and Efficiency to Your Home


Ceiling fans can be a great addition to your living space. They can cool you down during hot temperatures. The global ceiling fan industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3 percent by 2026. With new technologies, you can now find several energy-efficient models. Check out https://wiredsc.com/ceiling-fan-installation/ for more information.

Moreover, some features and styles can add to the beauty of your home. To find top-quality providers for ceiling fans, you can click here. Consider the below factors to choose the fan that enhances the beauty and efficiency of your home:

The Right Size

It is wise to pick the right size of ceiling fan for your rooms. If the ceiling fan is very small, it will be unable to circulate air efficiently. And if it is much bigger, you may feel like being trapped in one wind tunnel.

The size of the ceiling fan determines how efficiently it works. Moreover, it can also make or break the fine aesthetics of your room. Smaller rooms generally require ceiling fans that are around 42 inches.

Standard rooms may require about 48 to 58 inches. Meanwhile, around 55 to 70 inches work for master bedrooms and other larger rooms. Remember that there are no standard sizes for every home. Make sure to check the measurements to ensure the right fit.

Ideal Positioning

You have to position your ceiling fan properly. Ensure that you fix it at the place that gives you the maximum result. Standard or low ceiling requires the fan to be about 2.1 meters from the floor. They may need fans that come with easy fixtures.

High ceilings may need an additional extension rod to bring the ceiling fan to an optimum height. The positioning also depends on the size of your room. Centre positioning is logical for better efficiency as well as aesthetics.

For larger bedrooms, you can opt to position it over your bed. Placing it over your dining table or sitting area is also ideal. Purchase the ceiling fan that fits and suits your desired spot.  Be sure to check the best bedroom ceiling fans.

Effective Power

The faster your fan moves the air, the higher the cooling effect. You require a ceiling fan that is powerful enough to provide the desired speed. Choose one that possesses adequate power to cool your entire space. It also relies on the size of your room.

A powerful ceiling fan may consume more energy. To save power and money, you can opt for energy-saving models.  Even you can have some sizzling false ceiling design for your living room which can reflect your personality before the guest.


Several models and variants of ceiling fans are available in the market. It gives you a vast choice to select the ones that suit your aesthetics. There are numerous colors and shapes to pick from.

Consider purchasing a fan that complements your home’s design. Fans with curved fins can be attractive. They can effectively accentuate your ceiling.

The material also adds to the overall effect it creates. You can opt for plastic, metal, or plywood fans. Some fans also come with inbuilt lights that make your room prettier.

There are multiple types of ceiling fans in the market. Ensure to consider the above factors to pick the right one for you.

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