A Guide on Preparing Carrot For Juicing


If you’d want to make carrots a staple in your diet, one of the challenges you’ll face is how to incorporate them without feeling overwhelmed. If you’re thinking about juicing the carrot, there will be a lot of factors coming into play. The first question will have to do with the preparation of the carrot. Before we can get into the details, it’s not a requirement to peel the carrots before juicing.

Should You Peel The Carrots Before Juicing?

The short answer is no. You can put the carrots straight into the juicer without peeling them. Peeling the carrots can be time-consuming and should be done only when you’re not in a hurry. In addition, there is nutrition in the peel. When eaten raw, you’re likely to notice the earthy taste but it will be unlikely for the juice. Make sure that you’re chopping the carrots into chunks, not for nutrition reasons but to make it easy for the juicer to extract the juice. The best juicer for carrots is one that is optimized for efficiency even if the conditions aren’t right. It’s possible for carrots to be juiced whole but could mean overworking your juicer.

Is it Possible to Juice Carrot Tops?

It’s possible to juice the carrot tops but you shouldn’t expect to get a lot of juice. That’s why most people will prefer to do away with the tops when juicing carrots. The greens that are contained in the top could make the juicer bitter. If you’re unsure if you should include the top, you can try the two options and decide on the one that you like most.  You should not confuse a slush machine with juicers for fruits and vegetables as they both work differently.

Cleaning Carrots Before Juicing

If you bought the carrots from the store, the cleaning process will be straightforward. You just need to let the tap water run them down while you rub them to ensure that there is no dirt left. If you’re buying from the farmers market, there will be extra cleaning to do. The focus will be to get rid of the dirt completely. You don’t need to go overboard with washing solutions made of vinegar. Scrubbing with your hands will do the work in most instances. You can decide to peel if you don’t want to go through the trouble of scrubbing but that isn’t always necessary.

Are There Healthy Benefits With Unpeeled Carrots

There is no scientific evidence that has shown that unpeeled carrots are healthier compared to peeled ones. You can still get more than 90% of what you’d get with the skin even when the carrot is peeled. The “additional” health benefits shouldn’t be the reason why you decide not to peel the carrots before juicing. There is also no harm in leaving the carrots just as they are when juicing.

How Much Juice Can You Drink in a Day?

There is nothing like drinking too much carrot juice. The main danger is with the skin turning orange. You’re likely to notice this after a week of drinking too much carrot juice. For the best results, it’s recommended that you’re drinking carrot juice with other ingredients.

Buying a Carrot Juicer

If you love carrots, it will make sense in investing in a carrot juicer. A juicer providers a fun way of consuming your favorite fruits and vegetables without too much hassle. To make sure that you’re getting a carrot juicer, there are a couple of considerations you’ll need to keep in mind.

Juicers are Not Blenders

You might be aware of this fact but it’s always good to be reminded. The end result is similar but it’s the detail of the process that makes the difference. Juicers are more geared towards a refined process which leads to quality yield compared to blenders.


Just with most appliances in the home, the higher the price, the more premium features you get. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a good juicer at an affordable price. For someone that is new to juicing, it will come as a surprise that there are some units that can cost more than $1000. It will also be tempting to go the cheapest juicer there is thinking there isn’t any different. As they say, you get what you pay for.


You don’t need to peel carrots before juicing. It will be hard to notice a difference unless you’re really picky with the test. By not peeling, you get to save time that might be better utilized doing something more productive. This is particularly important if you juice on a regular basis.

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