A Few Things About Sound Masking and the Benefits of Using a Noise Generator in Different Places


A proper sound masking system can make a crowded room quiet and peaceful. From the hospitality industry to commercial office space, this technology gets all thumbs up for its ability to control ambient noise. How does this work? Sound masking devices use specific sound waves to reduce the effects of overwhelming sound waves. One may ask how speakers don’t sound noisy. The reason is the selection of bandwidth that controls the broadband sound effects perceived by human brains as unpleasant noise. Sound masking generators can use white or pink noise frequencies to achieve desired results. White noise options contain equal levels of audible frequencies, while pink ones have lower tones resembling the sound of beach waves or continuous rain.

Some insights about sound masking techniques

A generator which produces white noise follows the principles of psychoacoustics that define the perception of sound by human brains. Some devices can create noise to hide human speech without disturbing the listeners. As the filter options vary, you can choose one that suits your needs. Some wonder if this technology is safe. Those familiar with it will tell you that the sound produced by such machines tends to be quieter than the ambient noise you hear in an empty room. Exposure to lower sound levels like these is safe even for longer. A sound masking machine includes an amplifier or a sound generator that you can link to multiple speakers for even noise distribution.

The benefits of sound masking machines in hotels

Because of promoting good sleep by eliminating distractions, white noise machines have gained an immense name recently. Many homes and officers already benefit from them. However, even hotels can apply this. Frequent travelers find living in a hotel room stressful because of the foreign surroundings and noises. You can improve their experience by creating steady and gentle sound in the background that removes unwanted noises. Plenty of factors make them a must-have item in hotel rooms.

Steady sound environment

The noise levels in hotel rooms vary tremendously, making it challenging for guests to sleep. Those on busy streets can make them more uncomfortable. With the help of a white noise machine, you can regulate the sound in every room, no matter what is happening outside. It can even block other noises, such as footsteps of the guests in the hallway, door closing, and others. It can be disturbing even when the housekeeping staffs move their carts from one side to another. The white noise can reduce its effects.

A peaceful ambiance

As mentioned earlier, frequent travelers have to adjust to hotel rooms, making their experience stressful sometimes. If they are jet-leg, the situation can be more difficult. They can feel anxious and stressed. However, innovative solutions like white noise can help calm the environment, producing soothing energy. Your guests can feel mentally and physically relaxed and enjoy a sound sleep.

Better sleep

A consistent environment with no or insignificant outside noise helps guests fall asleep easily. They sleep better, quickly eliminating their tiredness even in a different time zone.

What other sectors can benefit from sound masking other than hospitality?

Its application can be more comprehensive. Retail banking, law firms, financial services, call centers, public libraries, government offices, and healthcare facilities are some critical sectors that need sound masking solutions for a valid reason. For instance, banks, insurance companies, and accounting firms deal with sensitive client data. They must maintain high confidentiality to keep their clients’ details secret, even during internal discussions. Similarly, places like doctor clinics and hospitals must keep their patients’ information private. Even ICUs need a healthy acoustic environment to help patients get better sleep. Hence, it’s easy to comprehend why they can rely on this machine.

Some people also install them in libraries to adjust ambient sound levels based on silence to make the surroundings more comfortable. Since even a little movement can be distracting in these places, the machine can make the noise less audible. Then, it’s easy to accept that a bustling place like a call center where multiple professionals engage on different client calls needs this machine more. The device can muffle the next agent’s sound, helping everyone focus on their customers.

A key point to remember

Generally, you hear about acoustic walls and secluded corners when creating a private aural experience. Despite all these, you can still listen to what others discuss. But sound masking technology can make your conversations safer. You can maintain a vibrant and collaborative environment in an open layout without hampering acoustic privacy. People can work hassle-free. The good thing is everyone can see each other, but they cannot interpret their discussions. Studies also suggest that such arrangements promote speech privacy. One may refrain from adding other things to achieve this.

It can be a favorable choice if you want to reduce your cost of sound acoustic structures. You can do away with multiple drywall layers, special acoustic features, plenum barriers, and more. Experts say offices can reduce their soundproofing cost by USD $3 per sq ft.

An ideal sound masking system can improve any place’s environment, creating an immersive experience for everyone. One single output machine from one location can do this magic. Of course, you must connect the device to special speakers available in multiple sizes and forms. The speakers can be available for ceilings. You can install them strategically in various zones as they remain flush with the surface. One interface can control a large area. However, read the product description carefully while buying this machine. Some systems allow you to choose from white and pink noise frequency. Pink noise can be softer, while white noise can be steadier. You can set the option based on your need.

Nowadays, you get tons of these machines on the market. However, please rely only on trusted names or brands. Check their features properly before purchasing them. Also, you must be clear about your expectations from the machine. You often only need a basic solution to manage your facility’s acoustic infrastructure. So, study your requirements and options well.

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