A Complete Guide to Different Types of Furniture Styles

Whether you’re an interior designer or simply looking to furnish your house, having a basic knowledge of different furniture styles is essential. You need to decide on what style suits you and will be best to work with. Your choice of style will make it easy to pick furniture. The problem is that there are many styles to pick from. Different ages and areas innovated different types of furniture styles. That’s why we made a guide of furniture styles to help you make a pick.  But before you read the details, visit this trusted site first if you’re looking for high-quality yet affordable chair stoppers


The contemporary style is often confused with modern style. However, modern refers to a specific style from the 20th-century while contemporary is about the current style. Contemporary has more freedom to borrow from different styles too. It’s similar to the minimalist style as it has a more open, airy, and clutter-free design. And It’s mostly known for its neutral colors and simple fabrics. 


What the modern style has in common with the contemporary is that it uses neutral colors as well. It has more in common with a minimalist style though, as it’s clean, simple, and lacks too many details. But modern style can sometimes use bright colors in dinnerware, curtains or rugs. 

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century era was from the ’40s to the ’70s. It’s characterized by functionality as every piece of furniture had to have a function or maybe more. It incorporates both organic and geometric forms. According to the furniture designers of https://bybespoek.com/product/womb-chair/, the mid-century approach is revolutionary in its simple, yet very functional designs. Here is the 2023 list of best mid century furniture, and take note, you can find and buy all these products hassle-free online. 


The minimalist style is inspired by the Japanese Zen philosophy. It values empty spaces and a lack of ornaments. So, the minimalist style is similar to the mid-century in that everything has to be functional. You can add a maximum of two pieces of decorative items on the walls and the surfaces should be cleared. The colors are monochromatic shades of a neutral color. 


The traditional style is a mix of a variety of styles from different periods like Tudor, Regence, Louis XV, and Georgian. You will mostly remember it from your grandparent’s house for having dark woods and carvings. Most pieces are luxurious and ornamented. The furniture has different patterns like floral, damask, stripes, or plaids. The colors are calm and subdued and the rooms are lit up by crystal chandeliers and candlesticks. 


A mix of the modern and the traditional, the transitional style is very popular in its warmness and welcoming. Like modern style, it can have straight-lined furniture and it can have ornate and carvings like the traditional. If you think modern is too modern, or traditional is too old, you can get a little bit of each with a transitional style. 


The rustic style is the best option for outdoor lovers. Furniture is made from outdoor materials like wood, concrete, hemp, wool, and cotton. Walls are either painted white or covered with wood or stone. Windows are large to allow natural sunlight into the nature-loving house. 

French Country

Another one inspired by nature with its earthly colors like red, yellow, and gold and materials like wood or brick. It is inspired by farmhouses in the French countryside. 

Shabby Chic

Combine rustic, French country and glam, and you get shabby chic. Shabby chic has a more feminine touch though. Its color palettes are white, pastels, and cream. The furniture tends to appear distressed whether old or new because the whole style is inspired by the flea market. 


If you live in an urban loft or a house that was once a warehouse or a factory, industrial-styled furniture would complement it. Materials consist of lots of wood and metal. Colors are usually black, white, and grey with flashes of bright colors like green or yellow. 


You can’t define or confine the bohemian style. It’s a mix of different furniture in various styles. You will find bright colors and different types of fabrications. It makes the style equally interesting and versatile.


You can arrange your house in any way you like. The variety of styles and the combinations are endless. What’s trendy today will be outdated tomorrow so you can ignore trends and follow the style you’re comfortable living with. There must be one that speaks to you and your personality. If you like simplicity for one, go for the modern or go even more simple with the minimalist. Fan of the 60s style? You can mix styles and make a bohemian house. An outdoors person? You have the choice between rustic and French country. The list goes on and on.