9 Vital Qualities to Look for in a Family Apartment


For a lot of families, looking for a property that can serve as their forever home or one that they intend to live in for a long time can be quite a challenge. They usually have more requirements than a single person investing in their first house. If you want to buy an apartments in Cuenca, check here.

Apartment Must-Haves for Buyers with Families

With children who are growing and developing different interests over the years, the house must be able to “grow” with them, too. So, what are the qualities that you should keep an eye out for when searching for a family apartment, particularly in a highly urbanized location? Rounded up below are nine. Get answers to your questions by checking out byui housing.

1. Comparable standard of living

It’s best to find a place where the standard of living is similar to what your family upholds. It is for this reason that, for a lot of city-dwelling families, the only options are luxury apartments, Dubai Marina real estate professionals point out.

Typically, in the communities of these residential provisions, there are stringent rules and regulations to comply with because it’s imperative to maintain the image and reputation of the area. Therefore, if your family wants to maintain a quality lifestyle, it will be more convenient to do that by living in a place upholding the lofty standards you have grown comfortable with.

2. Beautiful design

The look of the house is also a vital variable for discriminating family investors. Naturally, everybody wants a lovely home where positive feelings and dreams can thrive. It must meet the style or aesthetic leanings of the family.

According to top interior contractors in Dubai, a beautifully designed space allows for a creative lifestyle that is continuously growing, as well. It is classic yet versatile — meaning, no matter how rapidly life and trends change, the house will remain a functional visual delight.

3. Unobstructed views

Real estate industry specialists say there are two main requirements for apartments from property investors — strategic location and view. True enough, if you and your family are thinking of buying an apartment, you would want the unit to have an amazing view of your area. After all, this is a source of joy and relaxation for many.

4. Spacious bathrooms

Some real estate agents share that bathrooms are game-changers for apartment buyers. Small and cramped ones are big turn-offs, especially for families. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since families require more than just one bathroom to create a convenient routine for the household. Not only that, it’s always better for families when the bathrooms are also spacious and thoughtfully designed.

This is why most luxury apartments these days have bathrooms designed with total comfort in mind. They boast well-calculated decorative features. Plus, they also have modern toilets and showers. Some even have high-tech devices such as sensor taps and motion-activated lights installed, which are advantageous, particularly for families that have elderly members with health and mobility issues.

5. Outdoor spaces

Now that more and more families have creative lifestyles, Southern Living Magazine says an outdoor space has grown to be a top requirement for residential property buyers. Thus, high-end apartment buildings typically have big balconies for units, indoor-outdoor rooms, compact gardens, and even lush common areas free for residents to use.

There’s no doubt outdoor spaces offer additional opportunities for personal enrichment and fun, especially when the sun is bright, yet the breeze is cool. They are perfect for morning meditations and evening reflections. Additionally, if an apartment unit opens to a big balcony or garden, a family can switch up their dining experiences, host intimate parties, afternoon tea, and pursue hobbies such as gardening.

6. Diverse amenities

Various amenities are a must for families looking for a unit in high-rise apartment blocks. Some free amenities that are usually offered are a concierge service that arranges for everything, such as private transport, laundry, babysitting, pet sitting, and other services.

Gyms are a popular facility as well, especially those that have fitness classes for young children such as dance and martial arts. Spacious sitting rooms too that residents just need to reserve for private use but are otherwise free for everybody to use. Most family investors also prefer apartment blocks with different kinds of leisure spaces such as swimming pools, barbecue areas, and parks.

All of these amenities create convenience and contribute to a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle.

7. Protection and security

A home security system is another crucial requirement for apartment buyers. Aside from the building’s own privacy and safety features, every unit must also have its own security and safety installations.

An apartment security system is a contributor to the peace of mind of homeowners, says Rebecca Robeson of Kinwoven-Robeson Design. There’s nothing like that blanket of security that professionally monitors the unit 24/7. And, if a family has tweens and younger kids usually left to themselves for a few hours of the day, this system is certainly ideal for parents who want adequate protection for their children while they’re not around.

It’s important to mention that a security and surveillance system is often not just intended to protect the home and its residents from intruders. It is also a reliable notification device to prevent fire due to a burner being left on, or lighting fixtures that exploded.

8. Upward market value trajectory of the area

The market value of the area is likewise essential for home buyers and it’s logical to ensure that property value will not depreciate significantly over the years. Even if most families are just looking for a place to call home, they also ponder upon the idea of making a profit should they decide to sell their apartment unit someday.

Worth noting, too, is how property market value and the quality of life in an area improve due to significant developments. Needless to say, both upward movements are attractive benefits for families.

If you have been on a search for an apartment for your family without a full understanding of what can make your investment truly worthwhile, the list shared above will definitely aid you in the process.

With these, you’ll be able to assess the value offered by various residential provisions, and better determine which of them promises to be a true asset for your family and the life you long to create.

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