9 Unique Decor Ideas for a Family Beach House


Living in a beach house gives you visually appealing views every day. The moment you step outside, you get to experience the assets of mother nature, such as:

  • The inviting blue sea
  • The calming sound of the waves
  • The soft-touch of fresh air
  • The playful birds around

It is extremely relaxing for everyone. Not only that, but you also get to meet people from different walks of life. If you are a sociable person, you would enjoy making friends every day. 

Being on the beach also means looks, so why not visually improve your house? Visit Uniquely Coastal and find out the best beach-inspired decors to improve the appearance of your house. Doing so not only attracts people, but it is also a way of becoming more productive. Got no ideas? No worries! We will give you artistic ideas you can try in decorating your beach house. So, let us begin!

1. Dining with a View

Instead of dining inside your house, why not do it outside? Your porch is a perfect spot for this. Follow these steps: 

  1. Start by adding curtains on your porch. Attach hooks on the porch’s columns to hold the curtain rods. Anything that is white is a good color for your curtains.
  2. Place a brown floor mat on the floor. It gives your family a feeling of luxury when eating, like you are in a five-star hotel. 
  3. Place a round table on the mat and cover it with the family’s favorite tablecloth. 
  4. Instead of a chandelier, attach a hunky lantern above your dining table. 
  5. To finish the whole setup, place a centerpiece with a bunch of colorful flowers on the dining table.

2. The Combination of Old and New

The Combination of Old and New

Make your living room the most comfortable space in your home to hang out with family. This is a perfect home decor if you have antique stuff at home. 

  1. Clean your dirty jute rug and place it in your living room. That would be a perfect center floor mat in the space.
  2. Use your antique center table and place it on the mat. 
  3. If you have antique figurines as well, the better. Place them on top of the center table.
  4. Cover your sofas with a combination of white and a dark shade. Dark blue would be great as it represents the color of the sea. 
  5. Now that you are all set, slightly open your window to allow fresh air!

3. Nautical Bathroom

Why not bring the nautical feels in your bathroom? That is an extremely interesting idea, isn’t it? You get to experience the same feeling when you are enjoying the salty sea. 

  1. What you can do is get a freestanding tub that has an angled back support. 
  2. Color the outer surface with blue, so it mimics some maritime charms. 
  3. Make sure to place the tub close to your window to get some sunlight when soaking in it. 
  4. Also, attach some marine paintings on your wall to make it more realistic. 
  5. Do not forget to place a blue-colored bath mat near the tub.

4. Fresh and Rustic Finishes

Fresh and Rustic Finishes

What about kitchen improvements? We have a perfect design for your beach house kitchen, too! Because living near the sea feels refreshing every day, why not have that concept in your kitchen? 

  1. The idea is to repaint your kitchen white and add more brown stuff to it. 
  2. You can add rattan baskets to store kitchen things. 
  3. You can also repaint your wooden kitchen island with brown. 
  4. Top it with a centerpiece of a small plant placed in a rattan pot. 

5. Airy Window Seat

If you love to hang out near your window, then this design is for you! Change the theme of your window seat into something refreshing and airy. Nude colors are excellent for this concept.

  1. You can change the cover of your seat with blue or yellow, which represents the sea or sun. 
  2. Be playful with your sofa pillows. You can cover them with different nude colors. 
  3. Add your favorite window seat chandelier right above the space to finish it up. At night, you lie down on your window seat and relax under a romantic chandelier.  

6. Beach-Themed Bedroom


You should not forget about your bedroom. It should still give you the outside feels even when you are asleep. 

  1. Start by changing your wallpaper with a design of the sea. 
  2. Change the bed cover and blanket with something blue, and your pillow cover should be white. This way, you get to feel like you are soaking in the salty sea. 
  3. You can also add large ropes on the corners of your bed. Attach them to the ceiling down the base of the bed. It is like anchoring your bed in the middle of the imaginary ocean. 
  4. Place a sailboat figurine on your side table to bring a more seascape vibe to your bedroom. Your curtains’ design should be something about the beach. It can have shells, starfish, or even waves, anything beach-related. 

7. Personalized Walkway

Let us go back outside for some more modifications. Have you thought about having a walkway to the sea from your house? It is a wonderful idea, right? Your walkway should have a fun element. 

For the best upgrade, consider using high-quality plastic floating docks from trusted manufacturers. For the best options, visit https://www.hiseadock.com, their plastic floating docks are durable, colorful, and come in various designs. It is a worthy investment that you can use to help improve your beach house’s appearance.     

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