8 Ways to Make your Home Trendier

I think we’ve all struggled with wanting our home to be trendy, but not quite knowing how. Luckily, we’ve compiled these 8 simple changes you can make to your home to update it to the modern trends and make it more stylish than ever!

1. Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are a wonderful décor tool. They reflect light to make a room look much larger than it is, and also serve a functional purpose. Mirrors are also very trendy and never go out of style, so they’re a sure-fire way to guarantee your home looks chic and up to date.

2. Update the Lighting

Having outdated lighting is the quickest way to make your home appear out of style. Luckily, updating your lighting is very simple! You can find trendy modern lighting options at most hardware or furniture stores and change out the fixtures yourself.

3. Replace the Window Coverings

Most homes and apartments are equipped with the most basic blinds or curtains available. However, updating these window coverings with Mahaloecoblinds can change the entire look of a room.

Pro Tip: To make your ceilings look higher, hang the curtain rods as close to the ceiling as you can, and be sure the curtains fall just a few inches off the ground. This draws the eye upward and makes the ceiling look much taller.

4. Get some Trendy Seating

Update the seating in your living room with fun side chairs or cool loveseats. Seating is often the focal point of a room so if it’s outdated, it will outshine your other efforts to make the room look chic and trendy.

5. Hide Wires and Modems

Having exposed wires, modems, and consoles make a home look messy and unsophisticated. You can purchase inexpensive wire covers online or simply tuck them behind furniture to make sure they are properly hidden. As far as modems and consoles, consider a media unit with a special cabinet for them, or get a decorative basket to place them in underneath the TV.

6. Add a Fresh Coat of paint

You’d be shocked at how different your home can look with a fresh coat of paint. It adds new life to every room in the house, and the new color will make it look like you updated every aspect of your home. Consider completing the work yourself to save serious cash!

7. Get a New Headboard

In the bedroom, updating your headboard is a great way to refresh the room. Consider a sleek, modern-looking headboard to bring your bedroom into the 21st century. You can also customize it to fit your style. Some great options are iron retro headboards, wooden spindle headboards, or leather upholstered headboards.

8. Unite your Wood Tones

A big mistake that amateur designers make is combining too many different wood tones. By using all of the same wood tones for your furniture, you can easily turn haphazard disarray into a cohesive and sophisticated design.