8 Warning Signs Your House Needs Foundation Repair


For any homeowner, the house is one of the costliest investments they’ll ever make in their lifetime. With the large amount you have allotted for your home, it makes sense to protect it in any way possible and ensure it lasts for many years.

Most homeowners can spend a large amount on maintenance around the house. In most cases, a huge portion is likely to go to large repair projects, such as roof replacement and foundation problems.

When it comes to foundation repairs, it’s a task you need to prioritize. The foundation is one of the crucial aspects of your home. If anything goes wrong, it could compromise the overall structure of your home. With this in mind, you must be on the lookout for leading indicators and make essential repairs before the damage becomes too extensive. Once you suspect issues with the foundation of your home, checking out reliable professionals specializing in foundation repair services would be a good starting point.

Timely repairs to foundation problems can go a long way toward ensuring your home stays in good shape. Here are several warning signs your home’s foundation needs repair:

1. Formation Of Exterior Cracks

If you find large-sized cracks with a zigzag pattern in the exterior walls of your home, these are an indication of an issue with the foundation.

Over time, the foundation can shift due to various factors. Any crack or gap that might form can be a serious concern if this happens. The weather, and the expanding or contracting soil are often the culprits.

Although it’s expected for the foundation to sink and develop miniature cracks after two to three years, the presence of horizontal cracks might be a sign of significant settling, which means your foundation is under significant pressure. This is an indication that you need to seek help from a professional like a masonry contractor and consider them for your house repair to build a structure that does not easily wear down over time.

2. Separating Walls

Bowing might be the culprit if the walls start to separate, but it’s not always the case. Once the soil moves and the foundation shifts, the walls will detach from the rest of the structure. In most cases, you’ll notice gaps between the walls and cupboards, which indicates that the walls are moving away from the house.

Such scenarios are serious foundation issues that require immediate repair. You’ll also notice that the walls separate from the floor or ceiling in some cases.

3. Gaps In The Doors

Once you have a problem with the foundation, expect the doors to get stuck or not close correctly anymore. One reason the doors have gaps at the top is the settling of the foundation.

Many homeowners tend to overlook some of these issues and the possibility that the foundation is sinking. There are various reasons for the sinking or settling of the foundation, such as poor construction, movement of the ground, and drainage problems.

4. Jamming Windows

Similar to doors, jammed windows might indicate that you need foundation repair. In most cases, the typical cause is the possible sinking of the foundation. If this is the cause, it’d require the leveling of the foundation to remedy the window issue.

5. Uneven And Sagging Floors

old foundation wall with cracks and chips

When you have sagging or uneven floors, it’s also a sign of a foundation issue. If objects seem to roll on the floor or you discover a soft spot in your home, call a professional to handle the foundation repair.

The reason for the uneven or sagging floor might be poor foundation waterproofing, which allows the entry of water. Over time, it’s responsible for the warping of the floor.

6. Moisture In The Crawl Space Or Basement

Most houses with foundation problems typically have moisture in the crawlspace or a wet basement.

Generally, the moisture enters via the cracks in the foundation. You’re likely to notice a musty odor due to the development of mold, along with uneven floors and sagging floorboards.

7. Poor Water Drainage

One of the leading causes of issues with the foundation is water. If you notice drainage issues in your home, consider it a clear sign that your foundation needs repairs. As the water starts to accumulate around the foundation, it can cause the soil to expand, placing pressure on the footing and walls of the foundation.

It allows cracks to form, both inside and outside the property, in the long run. If you suspect a drainage problem, the first step is to evaluate your property for damp soil if there hasn’t been rain in a while or if the soil is very dry after a rainfall. If you find any, you likely have drainage problems, and it’s time to call in a professional to have your foundation fixed.

8. Presence Of Pests In Your Home

It’s common for homeowners to encounter pests at home at certain times, but it’s different when you have a possible problem with the foundation.

Once there are cracks on the floor, various crawling insects, such as cockroaches, ants, and centipedes, can readily move into your home. Although these insects might be due to a different reason, it’d be best to inspect your foundation for problems.

Final Thoughts

Foundation repair can be a costly project for any homeowner, but it’s something that you shouldn’t take lightly. The foundation plays a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity of your home. Being familiar with the warning signs of a foundation problem is crucial so a professional can carry out timely repairs to prevent the issue from getting worse.

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