8 Tips to Prepare for Your Roof Replacement


Most roofs have a lifespan of nearly 20 years; then, they begin to show damage, posing a huge risk to both your health and the wellbeing of your house. An old roof is vulnerable to possible leaks and higher energy costs due to poor insulation if damages are left uncorrected. While the process of replacing your roof can be daunting and costly, it is important to consider it sooner rather than later to prevent extreme damages. Thus, immediately contact the expert providers of metal roofing maitland before the problem of your roof gets worst. 

Before the day of your roof replacement, you need to prepare your home to make it safe for the roofers and prevent hazards that may affect the job. We provide roofing tips in this article to help you prepare your home before the roof is replaced.

Have a set budget

Depending on your budget, you will determine the quality of roof parts and the quality of the replacement job for your home. This budget should include the cost of the roof parts for the replacement, the labor, and any expenses quoted by the roofer. Never compromise on the quality of both the roof parts and the workmanship. It is important to factor in any emergencies that may result in an expense.

Every roofer has their own payment needs and procedures; make sure you are aware of this before the process starts. Some roofers require payment before the project starts, others charge hourly/installments, and others might charge a full price by the end of the project.

Remove stuff around your house

From the driveway to the outdoor sitting area, ensure everything is kept well and away from the worksite. Remove your car from the driveway to open the way for contractors to store equipment and work and cover all the outdoor sitting areas to avoid tripping the workers. You should unplug any outdoor lighting fixtures, turn off any sprinklers and remove toys to help keep the area safe.

Prune trees

Consider trimming and pruning all tree branches hanging low near your roof to help open up the space for the contractors to work. If possible, cut down any hard to trim branches that pose a potential danger to the wellbeing of the roof or the roofers. Also, cut the grass near your house a day before the replacement to prevent debris from hiding in a poorly kept lawn. This will help the roofers work better and help in the cleanup process after the job.

Remove the antennae

Whether you are using an antenna or a satellite dish, you should get them removed in case they are installed on the roof or close to it. You should inform your provider to both remove and reinstall once the replacement is done to help avoid damages to the antennae. If the antennae are old and out of use, a roofer will be able to remove them for you free of charge.

Remove valuables in the attic

The attic is the top part of the house above the ceiling of the roof. This space is mostly used to separate the living area from the roof and provide insulation for the house. Before you replace your roof, consider getting all the valuables away from this space, and if not possible, it is good to cover them to prevent them from damaging during the process.

Keep kids and pets away

There is a lot of excitement during a roof replacement as contractors rip, tear and nail the new roof onto your home. Your kids and pets will likely want to join the fun, thinking it is safe for them. While your home is usually a safe space, once the contractors have arrived, it becomes a work zone that poses a lot of danger to both kids and your lovely pets. It is important to keep them away from the site to avoid injuries or inconveniences to the roofers.

Find the best roofer

A roof replacement is expensive and requires a diligent roofer to ensure the project is worthwhile. As you prepare for a replacement, research for the best and the most reliable roofers that you have interviewed and have already hired. This will help you save time and money by getting the quality of work that suits your budget and preference.

Declutter your walls

During a roof replacement, your walls will experience some vibrations that result from the tearing and hammering on the roof. This vibration can cause damage to your wall objects like mirrors, framed pictures, paintings, among others. Temporary decorations that aren’t screwed into the walls should also be removed and stored away from the site. Removing any lighting fixtures like chandeliers is advisable to prevent breakages from the ongoing replacements.

The process of replacing your roof should be fun and stress-free. These tips will help you prepare well for the replacement and ensure the process is smooth and safe for both your family and the roofers.

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