8 Tips for Buying Table Lamps


Table lamps are a valuable addition to the decor of any room. They add a different touch of atmosphere and illuminate living spaces with their soft, warm lighting. That said, how do you find the perfect blend of charm for your bedroom, dining room, or living from? Here are the top 8 tips to the perfect table lap:

Tip #1 Picking the Desirable Lamp Height

The right height of a lamp is determined by the space it is being used in. Typically, taller lamps are ideal in living rooms to illuminate larger space, while shorter lamps are better for intimate spaces like bedrooms. That said, most lamps fall between 24 and 31 inches high. To know the specific height to get, assess the height of the space you’ll be using it then relate this to the lamp height. For comfort, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level when you are sitting next to the lamp to avoid too much glare.

Tip #2 Picking the Desirable Lamp Width

Larger lamps make the most difference but this does not mean that you should pick the largest lamp you’ll find around. First, assess the width of the bedside table or end table you intend to use it on. From here, measure the diameter on the widest part of the shade. As a rule of thumb, this part should always be smaller than the length of the tabletop. What’s more, it should leave enough room to place items like books, a cup of coffee and even reading glasses.

Tip #3 Revamping an Old lamp By Replacing the Shade

Shades will often be the reason why most people will want to discard old lamps. They wear out faster, being made of fabric and other materials that degrade easily. That said, how can you revamp your old lamp by replacing the shade? First, you’ll have to ensure that the shade fits. In height, the shade should always cover the switch but let a little bit of the neck part of the base show.

Second, in width, the shade should be at least twice the diameter of the widest part of the base. When wondering which color and design to go for, the easiest to pick would be drum shades which are shaped like a cylinder. They typically go well with most bases especially when they come in a neutral color like off-white. You can find some beautiful ceramic lampshade designs that fall within this colour scheme.

Tip #4 Shade Color: Translucent Vs. Opaque Shades

Choosing the right shade color depends on the lamp’s application. When looking to focus light on a reading desk, perhaps in the library, opaques shades will do. Such shades that are black or any other darker color give a dramatic effect and focus light on the specific area they’re supposed to without illuminating the entire space. When looking to provide lots of ambient light to a room, however, translucent colors will do the trick. They can be used for reading, and since they diffuse light into the walls of a room, they can also be used to provide light.

Tip #5 Unity With More Than One Lamp

Lamps are great but too much of anything is poisonous. As such, when you have multiple table lamps, you have to unify them to avoid making your space look cluttered. You can do this by choosing a variety of base designs with the same shade color for all.

Tip #6 Using Table Lamp as Design Elements

Lamps do more than give light. They are strong design elements that complement the decor of living rooms, dining, study, and bedrooms. To use your lamp as a unifier of form and design, match the shade color with ceramic ware, drapes, pillows, or pictures.

Tip #7 Positioning Multiple Lamps

How you place the table lamps matters a lot. If you place too many lamps in one area they could look cluttered and odd. The lamps should also balance how they feed their light to a room. Following this, avoid placing lamps where you’ve got many other decor items like vases, picture frames, and candlesticks. You should also separate all lamps by 2-3 feet if you decide to place them on a long table surface together.

Tip #8 Check the Base Before Buying Alternative Shades

You might need to update an old lamp’s look to spruce up your space. To give your lamp an alternative look, assess the shade and how it sits on the base. Check for a little hole in the middle that sits on the top of a harp for the fitting.

With these 8 tips, you can make all table lamps bring out the best in your home!

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