8 Things to avoid doing on Instagram

In recent years, businesses have embraced the art of social media marketing. With a huge percentage of people having access to the internet across the globe, entrepreneurs can’t afford to ignore such the opportunity to reach their target market using social networking sites. 

There are many channels through which people communicate and exchange ideas, and some have become quite common to a point where you’ll find them installed on almost every smartphone. Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of these dominant platforms and you can use it to promote your business or brand. It is a vast network to market your products and to get a massive number of followers. 

However, there are some things you should avoid doing on Instagram, which can annoy your followers. One thing that many businesses fail to realize is that they can’t treat their followers as mere customers. In other words, you need to create a good relationship with them. Failure to do this might lead to many followers unfollowing you even though they like you.

So always consider these things and avoid doing them on your Instagram profile:

Inconsistent posting

It is very crucial to post regularly on Instagram to engage with your followers. Irregular posting of images can lead to a significant decrease in the number of followers. For instance, you post a picture today, and then you are posting a month after, it is bad. This will give a message to people that you are not serious and do not care about your customers because they are always interested in watching out what you are up to. 

So consistently post the images of your products and other related things that can blow the mind of your followers. Posting about 2-3 posts daily considered being a good number for businesses. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can post. For instance, you can click here to learn about the most Instagrammed rooms in the past year and see how you could use this information to create content for your Instagram page.

Spamming people with your product images

Posting content about your business and product promotion is essential. However, if you will only post pictures of your products every time, then it will create discontentment among users. Nobody likes to see your product’s images all the time. Thus, along with the self-promotion, one should concentrate on delivering value. The primary objective of every business is to offer value to its customers and help them in one way or another. 

Sometimes, posting pictures that can motivate people leaves an everlasting impression on the user’s mind. So, think of new and innovative ways to continuously create interaction with your Instagram followers. One of the best options you could try is introducing fun games on your page for promotional purposes. You could also create entertaining videos that will keep your followers hooked. All these ideas will help generate more followers while ensuring that you don’t lose the ones you already have on your page.

Asking for a follow back

This is one of the main things to avoid doing on Instagram. Never comment on other’s post and ask people to follow back. Also, saying like ‘follow for follow back,’ ‘can you follow me’ annoy the people who’s posts you are commenting on. By doing this, you are not only eroding the reputation of your business but also let people think that you are only concerned with increasing the number of followers. For buying Instagram followers cheap and that too organically is a real challenge and doing this will get you to earn some potential leads for your business.

Posting low-quality images and content

Instagram is a game of pictures. Posting low-quality images will not only get you less number of likes but also create a bad impression on people’s mind. Your Instagram images should be clear, suitably sized, edited, and not blurred. Another thing is posting irrelevant content. You should be creative enough to engage your followers with mind-boggling content. Create behind the scenes videos, live sessions for product demonstrations, and other exciting ways to assist your Instagram community.  Make sure the content is fun like having a great time such as on Gaming Weekender and more.  Or if you have sell baby products, you might want to post a picture of a baby and give some helpful advice for parents with a baby.

Ignore the importance of caption

Images are necessary, but the caption is equally prominent. It gives voice to your images and makes it more understandable. Write short and appealing captions to complement the posts of your Instagram. Captions could be of any kind. For example, you can ask a question, use a popular fact or phrase, or even add a call to action for creating engagement with your followers. Therefore, adding excellent captions along with your images is a great way to attract a considerable number of people and getting more likes on your Instagram posts.

Neglecting Instagram analytics

Instagram analytics can be used to evaluate the performance of your Instagram account. It gives you all the information related to the likes, comments, and impressions your every post gets. In case you are not giving importance to your analytics, then your marketing strategy would never be able to accomplish your business objectives. So, ignoring analytics could be a huge loss for your business growth.

Don’t ignore using hashtags

Hashtags are the keywords used in Instagram posts. Using a suitable number of hashtags with every post will help you reach a broader audience. In addition to this, inserting hashtags related to your brand niche is equally relevant. A combination of hashtags, along with captions, gives a boost to your Instagram post. However, while putting hashtags, keep in mind not to unnecessarily stuff the hashtags as it can lead to the ban of your posts.

Don’t overlook your followers

To lead your brand successfully, you should never ignore your customers or followers. Stay engaged with them through every possible medium. Give replies to their comments on your posts as soon as possible. Also, reply to each and every personal message you get. This will build an interpersonal relationship between you and your potential followers.

So these are the top 8 things you should avoid doing on Instagram to keep a long-lasting relationship with your followers.