8 Things Every Outdoor Kitchen Should Have


If you love spending time outdoors or entertaining friends and family, an outdoor kitchen is a must for your home. Beyond using a typical grill, an outdoor kitchen provides many more cooking options and can be used year-round. For the most part, anything you can cook indoors, you can cook in an outdoor kitchen. So, if you’re ready to get started figuring out what your outdoor kitchen will include – from a mini refrigerator to a flat top grill – read on for a list of things you definitely want to consider.

Mini Refrigerator

A mini refrigerator will prove incredibly beneficial in your outdoor kitchen. It can provide great convenience as you’re cooking to prevent you from running in and out of the house to grab cold items. If you’re cooking items that need toppings or garnish that need to be kept cold, the refrigerator makes for seamless plating. Another benefit and consideration for choosing a mini refrigerator is the purpose of entertaining. You can add a kegerator, wine cooler, or ice maker for quick access to beverages during outdoor parties.

Enclosed Pantry

For cooking convenience, an enclosed pantry keeps items easily within reach. You can store utensils and kitchenware, spices and sauces, or any other item you might need close by as you cook. Often, the storage area in an outdoor kitchen provides easy access to plumbing and gas lines.

Secure Trash Bin

Another convenient resource you’ll need while cooking is a trash bin. To prevent you from having to tote garbage back and forth to the kitchen, you can easily toss anything into the trash bin. It’s important to have a secure trash bin to deter animals. The last thing you want is a critter gaining access to your outdoor kitchen.

Flat Top Grill

Grated grills are common for outdoor cooking and usually mean you can only cook a certain amount of food items. With a flat top grill, similar to what you have in your home kitchen, you open yourself up to even more opportunities. You can prepare smaller food items such as vegetables without worrying about pieces falling into the grates. Plus, a flat top grill is much easier to clean.

Smoker or Pizza Oven

An outdoor kitchen offers the luxury of more space (typically) and a safer means to cook. That makes adding additional cooking tools such as a smoker or pizza oven an easy choice. Smoke meats such as pork or beef for an intense flavor or cook up restaurant-quality pizza in an outdoor pizza oven. If you have a particular love for food items that require specific cooking appliances, consider adding them to your outdoor kitchen plans.

Sink and Faucet

When you’re cooking, especially if you’re handling raw meat, it’s essential to maintain cleanliness. Since you’re outdoors, you don’t want to have to worry about running and out of the house to wash your hands. In fact, you’d probably need assistance even opening the door to avoid contamination. Installing a sink in your outdoor kitchen allows you to clean your hands regularly as you prepare food and allows your guests a convenient spot to clean their hands before eating.

Fire Pit

Incorporate some pizzazz into your outdoor kitchen with a quality fire pit. Often built into outdoor dining tables, a fire pit has plenty of versatility to the experience. Depending on the size, you can cook food items with it, particularly s’mores, which is a must-have after-dinner dessert for outdoor dining. Plus, a fire pit provides some warmth so you can enjoy outdoor dining all year long without getting too chilly.

Outdoor TV

Whether you’re entertaining a large group of friends or you’re cooking for your loved ones, an outdoor TV enhances the entertainment provided by your outdoor kitchen. It’s a must-have if you enjoy watching sports and want to host a party for the event. Everyone can watch the game together while cooking without anyone feeling left out by being in different rooms or indoors or outdoors.


An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful extension of your home. You have the perfect place to entertain when you invite friends over and relaxing space to unwind after a busy day or week. You want to create a space that makes cooking convenient and pleasant. With these tips, you’re on your way to building an outdoor kitchen oasis that you’ll love, whether you choose a flat top grill, pizza oven, or both. The space will be all yours.

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