8 Surprise Birthday Gifts for Your Partner


Are you interested in not only offering your partner a birthday gift but a lovely and surprising one at that? A sex toy, art painting, love chain, and a lot more will come in handy. We have listed and explained 8 surprising birthday gift ideas for your partner and so you should read on to be informed.

1. An Ever-Green Photo Album

The world is going increasingly digital by the day. A lot of things are now stored in electronic forms. Be that as it may, this gift idea will be very appreciated by your partner. Do all you can to get all-time photos of your partner and have them well arranged in a photo album.

2. A Sex Toy

Speaking of a surprise sex toy, this one will be surprising. It would not be strange getting such at one’s bachelorette/bachelor’s party, but for a birthday; it is usually the least expected.

However, it is an exciting gift to offer your partner, especially with sexy notes attached to it. Imagine you are offering a dildo as a birthday gift to your partner for instance. You can add a note saying something like “I trust you to the moon and back, but please; let this dildo be a constant reminder that my Dick has only one home – your loving Pussy. Happy birthday my love!”.

If you love the idea of offering a sex toy as a birthday gift to your partner, then you should make sure to get the very best. You can click here for information on this.

3. A lovely Painting of Your Partner

Art is mostly about emotions and so you should not just have a good artist produce a painting of your partner. Beyond this, make sure the picture replicated in this form is one that your partner admires so much. This is why you should quiz your partner indirectly about the picture he/she loves so much. This is what will inform the painting.

4. A Birthday Surprise at Your Spouse’s Workplace

For a lot of people, not even a birthday clashing with a workday can make them take the day off. But even at that, you can do all you can to bring the celebration to the workplace. This will involve planning ahead of time with your partner’s colleagues and even employers (if possible).

5. A Love Chain

The good thing about this gift idea is that it is a constant reminder of what you both have for each other. This is because your spouse will always have reason to remember when she/he adorns it.

6. Breakfast in Bed

How does it feel to wake up realizing that your partner has made breakfast for you? Not only has breakfast been made but you do not even have to leave your bed. Well, that is the sort of treatment reserved for royalties and you deserve to feel this way on your birthday. Your partner also deserves to feel this way on his/her birthday. So, make arrangements in this regard.

7. Ticket to a Show, Sporting Event, or Any Event Your Partner Loves

What better way to spend one’s birthday than being a spectator in an environment you love? This is why getting tickets for a show, sporting event, or any other event that your partner loves will do. Just make sure it is capable of sweeping your partner off his/her feet.

8. Great Experience on a Yacht

Being on a yacht and experiencing the great pleasures that the aquatic scene, good food, and hospitality offer bring goosebumps. It would be an out-of-this-world experience for many partners on their birthday. So, you should try it if you can pull this one off.

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