8 Signs Your Home May Need A Conservatory Roof Replacement


The replacement of the conservatory roof in your home can be a daunting task, especially if it’s the first time. A replacement job is worth the cost since it can significantly improve thermal efficiency and provide you with a space you use all year round.

When the conservatory roof reaches the maximum point of its lifespan, especially if you have an old roof, don’t hesitate to call a professional for a replacement job. Today, there are different materials available to upgrade the roof of your conservatory. Several reputable providers of roof replacement can get the job done right.

There are several signs to watch out for that indicate that your conservatory roof needs replacement. These include:

1. Roof Tiles With Damage

One of the evident signs that you need to replace the conservatory roof is no other than damage to the roof tiles. It’s one of the visual cues of breakdown that appears over time. If you find damage or missing tiles or shingles, or signs of corrosion, it will not take long before insufficient insulation levels manifest. When unwanted moisture starts to seep into the conservatory, it can trigger health issues over time.

You may check out resources such as https://www.directroofingsystems.co.uk/the-benefits-of-a-tiled-conservatory-roof-replacement/ to learn more about to properly fix such an issue.

2. Leaks

An indication that you need conservatory roof replacement that’s not hard to miss is a leak. You don’t want to wake up to discover that the conservatory floor is wet or even flooded. A possible buildup of condensation might later turn into a leaking roof. In such instances, the best move is to call for a professional to fix it right away. Sadly, if the repair job fails or already too late, a conservatory roof replacement is the only solution.

3. Noise Pollution

Some of the popular uses for conservatories are as dining and office spaces, but the most common reason for having one is to have a space for relaxation. Sadly, this can be a problem among those who live in bustling urban areas. The constant flow of traffic and sounds from the outdoor elements can be bothersome due to poor insulation. One way to manage this issue is a replacement job that can block out external noises or, at least, lessen them to a tolerable degree.

4. Growth Of Algae And Moss

If you find dark lines or streaks on the roof of the conservatory, these could be issues that require immediate attention once you take a closer look. Although you can quickly get rid of algae buildup with a combination of water, bleach, and elbow grease, moss can damage the roof’s tiles and result in deterioration. Even if you can remove all the moss growth, the main objective is to prevent them from developing with routine roof inspections.

5. Buildup Of Condensation

If there’s a significant buildup of condensation in the conservatory, there might be an issue with the roof’s overall integrity. A possible culprit is a sealant between the glass or uPVC. A quick fix is to keep the windows open or utilize a dehumidifier to maintain clean air flowing through the room; however, there are cases when this might not be enough. If condensation is a persistent issue in your conservatory, it can allow the growth of mold, which can damage your furniture and put your health at risk.

6. Draughts And Cold Spots

Often, the most annoying aspect when it comes to conservatory roof issues are those you can’t see. If you’re struggling to get comfortable while relaxing, either due to draughts or cold spots, a poorly fitted roof may be the culprit. With this in mind, a replacement job is necessary to prevent this problem from arising.

7. Polycarbonate Roof

Throughout the years, there have been improvements in construction materials for conservatories. Some of the older conservatories might still have a polycarbonate roof, which is no longer considered a standard.

When your conservatory roof is polycarbonate, you miss out on the benefits of a modern glass conservatory roof. A polycarbonate roof can’t effectively keep the sound of rain at bay and isn’t thermally efficient. When considering a replacement, it might be best to go for a tiled or glass roof as these modern alternatives provide several benefits.

8. A 15-Year-Old Roof Or Older

A conservatory roof will not last forever. With this in mind, a replacement is the only option if your conservatory roof is past 15 years old. In most cases, professionals will suggest a replacement job every 15 to 20 years. Take note that this is the length of time before some issues will start to manifest.


Depending on the conservatory’s purpose, whether for entertaining or as a secluded space to read a good book or unwind, make it an inviting and functional space for years with proper roof maintenance. Sadly, once you find any of these signs on your conservatory roof, it might be time for a replacement. When you detect potential problems with the roof, it can damage the roof and the conservatory’s interior.

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