8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Roulette

The live roulette game is very fast and simple to enjoy, and it’s this speed and ease of play that has made it one of the most popular online casino games out there. Here, you play according to luck rather than skill, so people that want to see how lucky they are will have this as their best opportunity.

The roulette game came around in the 18th century, and since then the game has evolved a lot – even into an online version which a whole host of sites at New Casinos UK have playable.  – but disagreements about its origin and the inspiration behind it still rages on all these years later.

So, if you want us to fill you in on the above questions, you need to read on. This article on 8 interesting facts about roulette will teach you more about this exciting and popular live casino game. You can also check out these legit gry hazardowe za darmo.

1. Little Wheel

The term roulette is derived from the French equivalent which means ‘Little Wheel’. This is simply because the game happens in a little wheel. So, it’s a self-explanatory name. 

Now, the truth is that nobody has been able to establish the true origin of roulette as a game. But there are reports that it was invented by the famous mathematician, Blaise Pascal. But do we know who he really was? 

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician and inventor, and he had the idea of developing a machine that will be perpetually in motion. The idea was that the machine will not need any external force to power it, and it will continue moving forever. It was in the bid to come up with this machine that roulette wheel was born – His intention was far from giving the world a casino machine!

While many people still dispute this version, we also understand that there have been a lot of alterations on the original roulette wheel. Many people even believe that it’s the 17th century game named Roly Poly that inspired roulette. This game had many similarities with roulette, including an odd and even number system, and the use of a ball and a wheel.

2. Too Many Zeros

In the roulette game of old, there was a single zero pocket and a double zero pocket – slightly different from today’s roulette wheels where you only have the single zero pocket. It’s believed that with the double zeros pocket, the house edge increases. This led to the invention of the single zero wheels by some casino owners in Paris, so that players could enjoy better odds.

However, America later embraced the double zero pocket system and popularized it. That is why roulette games with two zeros are currently regarded as American roulette, while the ones played with the single zero pockets are named the French roulette.

3. The Devils Game

Now, adding up all of the numbers in a roulette game will give you a total of 666. Many people avoid playing the game because they understand the meaning of this number. But what we do not know is whether the mathematician that developed the present day roulette machine mischievously made it so, or whether it is just a coincidence or a fluke. This number is why many people regard the game as the devil’s game.

4. How Is That Tiny Wheel So Costly

Now, can you guess the amount a land based casino spends to purchase a single roulette machine? It is quoted to cost at least £5,000, and that’s for the basic or standard machine. The most expensive roulette wheel in the world is said to cost over £400,000. This is understandable anyway, considering the fact that the entire body of the machine in question is made of gold and silver.

5. Snack And Drink Free Zone

Most of the land based casinos across the world do not allow drinks of any sort at the roulette table – food is already prohibited from all tables. So, if you love to snack and drink while playing games, you may want to have your fill before you jump inside. Many casinos do this to prevent players from spilling their drink and food on the expensive roulette machines. But, you can enjoy your drinks and snacks without any bother when you play online roulette in the comfort of your home.

6. Lucky Numbers from Hollywood

The randomness of roulette is confirmed, so anybody telling you that some numbers are prone to win more than others is lying to you I’m afraid. However, roulette is most associated with 17, and not because any luck is attached to it, but because the James Bond character that people love so much loves the number 17. This may also be because people believe that winning numbers in roulette games are revealed subliminally in Hollywood movies. The fact that the number 17 is also placed at the center of roulette tables fuels this. 22 is also falsely seen as a winning number because of its significance in movies like Indecent Proposal, Casablanca, and Lost in America – but these are all baseless myths.

7. Highest Hits

The chance of hitting the same color ten consecutive times on a roulette machine is 1 out of 1,024. Many people think that they can predict roulette games, but that is rarely true. Also, it does not mean that after a black number, you will get a red number because every spin of the roulette wheel is independent of the one before it and the one after it. In all roulette games played in the world, it’s on record that an identical color was hit consecutively 36 times in a row, and this happened in Bristol, England. Also, the Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, has the record of the highest number of times the ball landed on the same number. There, the number 7 won six times in a row.

8. Top Three

Roulette is always named among the top three online casino games, with only the almighty slots and blackjack sitting before it in the list. This is mostly because the rules are not complicated and you don’t need to practice much before you master the game. The table lingo may look confusing at first. But once you’ve got that down, you’re good to go. Only a brief guide is needed to get you started on the land based or online roulette.