7 Ways to Generate Sales Opportunities for your Company


Surely by now you are aware that the financial health of your company depends on the constant flow of business opportunities (and knowing how to take advantage of them!). Companies are investing more and more in generating business opportunities.Previously, lead generation used to be the most important goal. The more potential customers in the funnel, the more sales opportunities you will have, or is it not?

Before jumping into trying to close a sale with a potential client, it is important to ensure that the client is ‘ready to buy’, otherwise a good deal could be lost due to a wrong closing process.

And all this brings to our central theme – sales opportunities. What are they really? Sales opportunities are nothing more than those contacts in the funnel that have shown enough interest to be a potential sale, that is, those contacts that are of quality and that will really bring money to your company.

Tips to Generate sales Opportunities for your Company:

Identify your Target Audience

The first step in lead generation is identifying your target audience. Have you already defined the audience your product / service is aimed at mightyforms.com/?

When a company does not have a defined target audience, it is usually much more difficult to sell. So before starting to devise strategies to generate business opportunities, we invite you to meet with your team and analyze who your ideal client is, where he is from, what industry or sector he is in, how much he is willing to pay, where he is from, etc.

Select your Promotion Methods

Promotion is also important to generate business opportunities. Your sales team must be able to create a promotional plan that allows you to bring your audience closer to the products or services offered. However, it is necessary to choose the means to use wisely, you do not want to waste time promoting in places where your audience is not.

One method of promotion that is gaining in importance is attending or sponsoring corporate / business events and conferences. This is a very effective way to create networks that can be a great opportunity to capture contacts who may have a problem that your product or solution can solve.

Event attendees are more willing to discover new methods, techniques and products to improve their processes and increase their numbers.

Create a Sales Funnel

Once you know who your product / service is targeting and you’ve decided on the best path to reach them, it’s time to collect contact information. In general, this part funnels all prospects to a standard form, hosted on a landing page, which invites the customer to share their information in exchange for something such as: a discount, an e-book, a sample, etc. (You can use the G Suite Forms for this)

At this point, your business needs to have a CRM that will help you keep track of potential customers through the process.

Create an Email Release and Offer Feature-Based Technical Content

In the world of sales, relationships are everything. Therefore, a strategy that does not fail to generate business opportunities in your company is to be in contact with your prospects and cultivate those relationships to be able to take them from the initial stage to a sale.

One of the best ways to create consistent communication with your prospects is through an email newsletter and offer content through that channel.

But in this case, we are not talking about any random content, but about content focused on your solution or service. It is not a content that explains “what it is”, but one that focuses on its characteristics, use and technical aspects.

By having direct contact with the technical and practical knowledge of your product or solution, qualified potential customers are likely to perceive the value of what you are offering and reach out for more information. You can also offer this content through social networks to reach a much higher audience.

Use Social Media to Connect, Create and Develop Targeted Campaigns

Social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, offer a lot of opportunities for companies to build relationships with their potential customers. In those companies where the sales process is complex, it is ideal to invest in acquisition and commitment actions.

When you create an audience that engages with your content, it is possible to pool valuable followers, to whom highly targeted offers can be delivered. So, go ahead and harness the power of social media to develop targeted campaigns for each stage of the buyer’s journey and create lasting relationships.

Having partnerships with companies in the same market is common in the business world, usually between technology and SaaS companies. Joint marketing campaigns are basically a way of producing specific material, content or event with another company aimed at a common audience.

Your company will be able to reach many more prospects who have already been previously qualified by the other company and your sales team will get better opportunities.

Provide a Landing Page with Background Content

To attract qualified leads in sales and generate more opportunities, our advice is to offer background content to promote the conversion of potential customers who are already considering a solution such as your product / service. For example: Success stories, specialist consulting, product demos, webinars, tests, etc.  A good example is berryhometeam.com.

To increase the effectiveness of the strategy of these types of pages, it is important to use progressive profiling forms, a function that displays new fields of information for potential customers who have already filled out a form on your website. In this way, your company will be able to obtain more and more details and data about each potential client.

The best part about progressive profiling landing pages is that you’ll get more valuable insights from potential customers to gradually qualify them.

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