7 Unique Qualities of Healthy Gums and Teeth

We’ve heard it before: Brush your teeth, use floss every day and rinse your mouth with wash if you want to keep the dentist at bay. While this is good advice, how do we know if we’re doing a good job? If you want to know if your teeth and gums are healthy, look for these signs.

1. Curvature

In patients with good oral habits, their gums follow the natural curve of their teeth. Go into your bathroom and examine your tooth-to-gum zone; what do you notice?

If your gums are healthy, you will see where the natural curvature of each tooth gently caresses your gumline. For individuals that have unhealthy or damaged gums, they will notice swelling, discoloration, tenderness, and in rare cases, blood.

2. No Odor

Have you ever been walking in a crowd of people and caught a whiff of bad breath? While an early-morning coffee or meal may have contributed to this experience, foul-smelling breath is a sign that something is going on in your mouth.  If so be sure the get immediate dentistry care.

A way to test for bad breath may seem a bit silly, but it’s highly effective. When you have some alone time lick the inside of your wrist and let it sit for thirty seconds to a minute; After you’ve done this, give a quick sniff to the area where you licked. This scent will give an accurate depiction of how breath’s aroma smells at any given moment.

3. Uniform Color

Another sign that you have extraordinarily healthy teeth is when they’re all the same color. When we ingest items such as coffee, tea, citrus fruits, and so on, our teeth — more specifically, the enamel — absorbs the particles.

If we fail to keep a productive oral routine, these particles will penetrate the outermost layer of our teeth and cause them to become an assortment of colors. The good news is that dentists can dramatically improve your oral aesthetics through a series of bleaching treatments and whitening products.  Also be sure to consider Cosmetic Dentistry Houston as well.

4. Pink, Pink, Pink!

When asked what color gums are supposed to be, many people are unsure. Although you may hear varying degrees of answers, truly healthy gums are pink and vibrant.

The next time you find yourself smiling, try to find an area where you can examine your gumline. If your gums are pink to a slightly reddish hue, you’re in good shape! When dark spots begin to show up on the surface of our gums, it’s time to consult with a dentist.  You can learn more about gum treatment and gum surgery by the dentists in vineland nj.

5. Cheeks

One indicator that you may have unhealthy teeth is when you notice tearing or small lesions on the inside of your cheeks. If you have these marks on the inside of your mouth, it may be time to seek medical advice.

The reason this occurs is on account of how your teeth rest when in a relaxed state. Healthy rows of teeth sit perfectly on top of each other. When the cheeks become inflamed or red, it means there may be misalignment occurring.

6. No Impacted Food

The best Brisbane dentist will always ask their patients about food getting stuck or lodged in between their teeth. When we go about our day and eat a meal, food will inevitably creep its way in between our teeth. However, if this situation becomes chronic to the point of annoyance, something could be going on.

When cavities and deterioration occurs, it creates gaps and holes in the outermost layer of the tooth. Undigested food, drinks, sugar, acidic liquids and other particles make their way into these cracks and holes, causing us to pick and floss ad nauseam.

7. Pink Tongue

Have you ever caught a glimpse of your tongue? If so, do you remember the color of it? A healthy tongue has a reddish and pink hue from a visual perspective. If it deviates from this color spectrum, we must revisit our oral habits to remedy the situation.

If white buildup has found a home on the surface of your tongue, consider using a tongue scraper. These tools, when used frequently, remove the layer of bacteria on your tongue and leave your breath smelling great!


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