7 Types Of Fencing To Consider For Your Yard


Fencing brings out the property’s framework and sets controls for the people inside and outside the fence. The reasons for fencing your yard include decoration, protecting your children from wandering away from home, security against unwanted visitors and animals, and having privacy.

Fencing has various advantages apart from providing security and laying out a perimeter for your house. Fences also support planters, control aggressive plants, provide a background for garden beds, and project attractive decoration pieces.

There are several factors to consider before you decide which type of fence to pick. These include the purpose for the fence, the amount of money you’re willing and able to spend, and the type of fencing in your neighborhood. You can also obtain fencing information from sites like https://www.alpinefencing.co/.

There are several fencing ideas that you can choose for your yard: metal, wood, vinyl, bamboo, composite, electrical, and brick. Read on to learn.

1. Metal Fencing

These comprise four common and durable types: chain link, wrought iron, steel, and aluminum. Chain link is considered less elegant but is an affordable and durable choice, especially when containing pets. Aluminum fences are available in different styles and colors and can be customized. They don’t rust and can be easily maintained.

Wrought iron and steel fences are attractive and long-lasting; however, they may rust over time. To treat them, you need to clean up the rust and apply a rust-resistant spray to prevent corrosion. The advantage of metal fencing is its low maintenance costs, and you can clean it with water.

2. Wood Fencing

Durable and lightweight wooden fences are derived from cedar trees resistant to insect attacks, decaying, and rotting. Cedar can also be treated to retain their shape for a long time. Therefore, find out the various treatments and maintenance available that you can use each year. Cedarwood has various benefits, including deriving modern designs and fences with polished elements. Other types of wooden fencing are:

  • Stockade – This is made of boards that could be flat or round and used to fence livestock confinements and military compounds.
  • Board on-board – These are referred to as so because they have no gaps in between and are used to amplify privacy.
  • Lattice – These are used to complete either the top or bottom of the fence and to create a perimeter.
  • Shadowbox – These are good for both big and small yards. Shadows are used to increase depth when viewing.

3. Bamboo Fencing

This type of fencing can be done with rolled bamboo fenced panels or cultivating live bamboo in clumps. Treating and installing the bamboo a few inches above the ground may cost you some money to prevent rotting. You also have to control its growth so that it doesn’t extend outside of your compound because bamboo spreads quickly. That said, bamboo fencing is considered an affordable option, easy to install, and eco-friendly. It also beautifies the place because of its natural appearance and different colors. It’s readily available, especially in areas close to rivers and other water sources.

4. Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are weather-resistant, believed to be stronger than wood, and can last at least 10 years. They have a pleasant appearance, are low maintenance, can be cleaned with water, and are durable. They’re also available in different designs and colors; you can pick what you prefer, depending on your budget.

5. Composite Fencing

Black Aluminum Fence with double gates


Composite fences are made of a mixture of wood and plastic. They’re resistant to insects and don’t bend easily. They’re available in different textures, colors, shapes, and sizes.

6. Electric Fencing

This type of fence is used for protecting pets in the yard. For instance, a static shock is linked to a dog’s collar such that a receiver on the collar restrains it whenever it attempts to cross the boundary. The fence is easy to install and affordable. It becomes unreliable when there’s no electricity though, so other animals cannot be prevented from trespassing.

7. Brick/Concrete Fencing

This fence is made of bricks or concrete. Although it’s expensive and requires a professional to install the wall, it’s durable, weather resistant, and low maintenance. It’s preferable for the privacy and security of residential homes. Taking care of your block fence can help you keep the costs for block fence repair low and help prevent more serious types of cinder block fence repair.


Considering that all types of fences have a specific level of aesthetic value and appeal, you can choose any as long as it’s within your budget. You may choose from metal, wood, composite, vinyl, or brick. You can even use electricity as an added security feature. Ensure that you have a purpose for the type of fence you’d like and engage a professional when installing.





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