7 Tips to Polish Your Coffee Shop Etiquette

It is vital to mind your manners online, at work in a business meeting, and as you speak on your mobile phone. Also, proper protocol is vital during casual encounters as well. If you are a frequent coffee shop guest. Do you know the etiquette rules to follow? Do you think you are at par with what the barista and other guests expect of you? Everyone should know how to polish their coffee shop graces to give everyone in the coffee shop a good time. In fact, you also need to invest in high-quality fixtures such as modern styled storage cabinets to make your customers feel that you truly value their comfort and welfare.

Below are 7 coffee shop etiquette rules you need to follow.

1. Buy something 

Coffee shop owners are business-friendly people but respect them enough to know they are in business too. Support it. For instance, do not ask for water and sit there having a conversation with them for hours and distracting their work. Buy something. If you have to be there for a long time, buy a second cup of coffee or a muffin. Support their new special on the menu even though it is expensive, experiment with the new monk fruit sweetener they introduce, and give the feedback, even if it feels expensive. Support the business, electricity, Wi-Fi, and the space all cost money.

2. Yes, answer your phone 

You can answer your phone if you are alone at the coffee shop but keep your voice at a reasonable sound. Also, it is better to keep the call as brief as possible and watch those around you to ensure you are not bothering anyone. But, it is okay to take the call and not go outside. Since modern society has created a space with free charging stations and Wi-Fi, be mindful of the others in there with you.

3. Don’t take over extra space

Most coffee shops by design are for those who want to read and work, but it is always a good idea to minimize the space you use instead of using too much. Once you get there, avoid spreading out everything and making others feel they should not join you. So, make an effort and compartmentalize the space you get. If you do this, most baristas consider it is an annoying habit to have.

4. Be kind and courteous to staff

As a young child, your mother always taught you how to say thank you and please. In the same way, always ensure you are kind to the employees. Plus, if you are a regular, know the staff by name. Learn the name of your barista and ask her about him or herself. In this way, you create a healthy relationship with them that is respectful too. Ask about their weekend, if their baby niece was born, and other general conversations you have together. Show respect as you would want them to for you.

5. Ask before you plugin

Most coffee shops have free charging, and if you are a customer, the owner does not mind you using it. But, sometimes plugs are not convenient for your seat. Therefore, you must ask before you plug in your cellphone, computer, or any other device into the outlet next to somebody. The outlets are for everyone. But be polite and ask before reaching across other tables’ charging systems even though they are not using them.

6. Take loud and long conversations outside 

It is okay to take a call inside a coffee shop, but if you think it will be a long and loud conversation, let common courtesy prevail. For instance, if you are speaking through a bad connection, you plan to extend the conversation, or the call is personal, it is best to move outside. Honesty, respect, and consideration are the guidelines to follow in such a case.

7. Do not allow your children to run wild 

Do not allow your children to run wild

Your child can accompany you to the coffee shop, supermarket, or any other public place. But, the employees are not the ones to babysit them. The coffee shop, similar to a restaurant, is a public establishment. Thus, they follow the same guidelines. Quiet voices in a corner at the coffee shop are reasonably in order. Always blend in with the coffee shop guidelines, not change it to suit you.