7 Tips to Find a Great Roofing Contractor


No matter your roofing needs, whether you need repairs or a complete roof replacement to be done, getting an expert and trusted roofing company is crucial. It determines various aspects of the service you’ll get, including costs, quality of service, customer experience, to mention a few. Your roof is a critical and costly investment and as such, always take keen care of the steps you take when evaluating a potential roofing contractor. Any errors during repairs may quickly compound into more complex ones that eventually lead to higher costs. A couple of such mistakes can significantly reduce the longevity of your roof, eventually needing a replacement. Using the services of reputable roofing contractors, like MasterRoof Contracting, in all repairs and maintenance will not only save you money in the long run but also maintain your home’s value.

This article will explore 7 tips to help you evaluate potential roofing contractors and narrow your options to only the best you can get. Read on! 

1. Get Referrals from Trusted Friends and Acquaintances 

One effective way to start is by talking to your friends, family, and other trusted acquaintances, such as workmates or neighbors who’ve had roofing services done on their property. You’re more likely to get the most honest answers concerning their experience and the quality of services they experienced; This will help you narrow down your list of potential roofing companies by remaining with only the best to choose from. 

2. Ensure they are Established Locally 

It’s always essential to engage service providers that you can find if there’s any query afterward. Some roofing contractors move from city to city and may not be a good fit if problems arise or any paperwork related to their service is required. You want to engage roof professionals with a local address known locally for their services. They are also more likely to know all relevant building codes and the best suppliers around the area. You’re less likely to fall for scammers with local contractors as you can easily understand them for their reputation. 

3. Ask for an Elaborate Contract 

One great way to evaluate a potential contractor’s reputation is by asking them for a detailed contract. Ensure that the proposal indicates everything relevant, including product description, prices, warranty offers, labor, and other material costs. Take it as a red flag if a potential contractor gives a vague contract lacking essential details. As part of the contract, ensure the warranty is legit and written. It will go a long way in protecting your interests when a problem arises with material quality or craft in the future. 

4. Go through Online Reviews 

Going through online reviews is another great way to get an overall sense of a potential roofing contractor. You may have had a positive recommendation from a trusted referral. However, it’s advisable to get reviews from a larger pool of previous customers to know their overall standards of operation. Read through negative reviews and understand the problem and how they responded. You might want to consider another contractor if the issues were similar in all the negative reviews. 

5. Check their License, Insurance, and Bond Status 

Always ensure that your contractor of choice is licensed, insured, and bonded. A licensed contractor should be registered with your State’s relevant boards and possess a general contractor’s license. Do not shy off from asking for proof of these documents. A reputable contractor will proudly display them for their potential customers. A bond will have you covered if the contractor does not complete their work as stated in the contract. On the other hand, insurance will steer you from liability in various damages or accidents. 

6. It’s not Just about the Price. 

While Price is one of the determining factors in choosing the most suitable roof contractor, you should consider it and other essential aspects. Sometimes the best roof contractors are relatively more expensive than the rest due to their service and material quality. A contractor who offers significantly lower price quotes than the rest could have shady practices. They may, for instance, be cutting corners with insurance permits, or their material quality may be substandard. Licensed and reputable contractors have to incur high costs with permits and wages. 

7. Check their BBB Accreditation 

You can further check the reviews and ratings of all your potential roofing contractors on the BBB website. This step can help you differentiate reputable and experienced roofing contractors from a long list. A contractor who meets BBB’s accreditation standards means they are great with their customers and effectively deal with any potential complaints. An A-rating with the least number of complaints is an ideal roofing company. 

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