7 Tips to Buy Portable Dip Bars


Are you a fitness enthusiast, and you want to boost your upper body strength? Do you wish to substantially enhance your current strength levels by adding dips to your current workout routine?

There is no need to worry as you can now get dip bars for home and ensure that you do not compromise your strength. A portable dip station is undoubtedly a good investment for your home gym. Learn more about the best options for portable dip bars here.

Quick Tips for Making the Right Purchase

Since you have never bought dip bars for yourself, it might be confusing for you to make the right purchase. But do not worry because these 7 tips will help you buy the dip bars suitable for you.

1. Check the Overall Load Rating

Once you are purchasing a set of dip bars, ensure that you primarily check their overall load rating. It is to ensure that the dip bars can support your weight. Such a thing would not be an issue if you buy one of the top quality dip bar models, but you must still check.

2. It Should have Solid Support

Look for dip bars sets that have a solid base of support. This is something that would keep the dip bars steady as you perform the dips, and it lessens the danger of them falling over. Remember, not only does this appear unhip, but you might risk getting an injury that would set back your training.

3. There should be Corrosion Resistant Coating

You must also ensure that the metal surfaces in the dip bars for home use have a corrosion-resistant coating. It would avert your bars rusting and make sure that they last for numerous years.

You might prefer that your bars do not have any padding on them. But you must know that some bars do have this. If you are cool with padding, it is great, or you can look for a brand that does not have padding on the dip bars. You can even remove the padding of your bars if you want.

4. Look for the Right Height

Height is a crucial consideration when you are buying portable dip bars. Remember, if you are a tall person, you require something with enough height to extend fully into the dip. Preferably, the handlebars must be in line with your hips.

5. Don’t Overlook Design

There are two chief designs for dip stands:

  • The foremost is where the whole dip stand is linked, and it provides a sturdier platform.

  • The second is the one that is in two separate stands. It ensures more flexibility for wider dips. You can even find dip stands having added features such as a vertical knee raise.

It depends on you what you prefer at your convenience. Both designs are popular, and you can find them in your budget too.

6. Performance Level 

The dip stand or dip bars that you purchase should perform in the highest standard. It simply means:

  • It should carry your weight and not move around.

  • It should be comfortable on your hands and does not avert you from working out in any manner.

For your information, most dip stands are made up of steel tubing. If the material is good, strong, and durable enough to endure heavy use, it would be fine.

7. Find a Suitable Fit

In case available, pick the dip bars about the width of your shoulder span or somewhat slightly wider. In case the bars are incredibly narrow or extremely wide, it will restrict your range of motion and stop you from stressing on different muscles with the dip exercise. What you can do is:

  • Just grip your arms out to your sides. Next, bend your elbows at a correct angle. The width between your elbows would be the maximum width the dip bars need to be.

  • Also, since you know your home space better, make sure you buy dip bars that fit in there comfortably. As you are looking for a portable one, make sure to go for a flexible option. Pick the one that can fit into almost any home gym. It should not take up much room, and you must be able to fold it up for easy portability.

Once you find the perfect dip bars for your home, you can learn how to use it best. It would be best if you did not compromise on any factor when looking for dip bars for home. Only the right dip bars can become your healthy companion.

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