7 Tips To A Cozy, Indulgent, And Peaceful Bedroom


The average person spends about 1/3 of his/her life sleeping. It is for this reason, and more that you should invest in the most comfortable, tranquil, and indulgent bedroom as you can afford. It is with a comfortable bed, for example, that you can have a restful sleep and even wake up refreshed and energized. Outlined below are seven tips and tricks on how to create a comfortable and indulgent sleep sanctuary.

1. Invest in A Comfortable Bed and Beddings

Your bed and beddings will determine how well and comfortable you will be while asleep. You thus need to invest in a comfortable/supportive bed/mattress, especially one supporting your weight and body form. You also want to invest in comfortable and soft beddings for real comfort. You are thus better off with beddings or sheets with not less than a 400-thread count or Egyptian cotton. Sleeping is very important so having comfortable bedsheets is a must, you can read more here to check for the best quality bedsheets.

2. Look for A Luxurious and Comfortable Headboard

An attractive headboard will not only make your bed more comfortable but also transform the bedroom space. Have your ceiling height in mind when shopping for a headboard. Those with high ceilings can, however, go for the tallest headboards their bedrooms can accommodate.

3. Update Your Bedroom/Bedside Lighting

Space in the bedroom is crucial. Unless your bedroom is massive itself, invest in small or floating bedside tables that can comfortably hold bedside lamps. You could also choose to have a pendant or wall lights to free up as much space as possible. Your choice of lighting fixtures also needs to create a relaxing sleep environment. Dimmable lights, for example, would be an excellent addition, especially if looking to renovate the bedroom.

4. Create A Relaxing/Seating Area

A sofa/armchair or two is a welcome addition to your bedroom. These provide just the perfect escape when looking for a quiet time to meditate or even read. That said, look for a way to add a seating area (if space allows it). The seat will also make it possible to hang out in the bedroom with your spouse or even a friend without necessarily sitting on the bed.

5. Choose A Favorite Color for The Bedroom

It would help if you made your bedroom as comfortable and appealing as you want. You can thus choose to paint it with whatever color (cool or warm) for as long it makes you happy. However, sleep experts recommend neutral colors (pale to mid greys) for the bedroom, and good reason. Grey colors help calm the mind and are commonly known to induce/promote sleep. Finish your look with gorgeous ceramic cabinet knobs to complement your colour theme.

6. Invest in Blackout Curtains/Drapes

Your bedroom needs to be comfortable and aesthetically appealing and enable you to control the natural light coming in. Heavy curtains do come in handy, especially when you want to keep the bedroom dark as you sleep. You would like to invest in perfect fit blackout blinds that not only complement your color scheme but also block natural light when needed. The most popular treatments for bedroom windows include blinds, curtains, and shutters.

7. Furnish It

Just the bed and chair might not be enough to make the bedroom irresistible, functional, and comfortable. Using furnishings and furniture in the same can, however, help create a clean, fresher look and feel. You could also try using an antique mirrored bedside table, decorative chandelier, or even a French-style metal bed frame for a more subtle boudoir look.

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