7 Tasks People Commonly Forget During Interstate Moves


With everything you need to accomplish for your move, it’s easy to miss some important details that you’d never expect to miss. Hence, it is important to make a list of all the things you need to do whilst you still have a clear head. If you’re moving with your family, you can brainstorm with your partner and older kids so you can create a more comprehensive list of things you need to accomplish before the scheduled moving day

Creating a moving checklist

A lot of people often rely on their memory in navigating through the moving process, mostly performing tasks that they need to do. Whilst things usually work out in the end, it often creates unnecessary stress that could have been avoided if the details of the move were planned properly.

Tip: Create your own moving checklist or download a template online and modify its contents based on your moving requirements. Remember it is only a guide for everything that you need to accomplish. Consider adding a target date for each task so you will have enough time to troubleshoot in case there are any issues.

Comparing rates from removalists

With all the tasks that keep them preoccupied, it might be tempting to choose the first removalist you find or the one that offers the lowest rate. However, doing so increases the risk of not getting all the services you need at the best price.

Tip: To make sure you get the best deals, get a quote from at least three removalists and compare their rates and services. There may be instances when one company provides a quote with a lower rate, but will not include all the services you need. Check all the items provided in the quote to determine which company offers all the services you will require at the best rate. This way, you can avoid having to pay additional fees once the job is complete. This is also a good opportunity to ask about other charges (if any) that are not explained in the quote.

Booking the move in advance

The cost of hiring professional removalists usually changes based on the seasons. Whilst many customers assume that the rates will be the same even if they book only a few days before the move, there are instances when the costs are higher depending on the season and demand.

Tip: Book your move as soon as possible to avoid having to pay a higher price for the services due to the increase in demand. In most cases, the demand and cost of interstate moves in Australia are higher during the summer as it is the most convenient time to move for many residents.

Updating important record

Moving interstate often involves a lot of paperwork since you have to update your driver’s licence, health, and school records. With so many things you have to accomplish, these things might slip your mind and you will have to go back to do them.

Tip: Consider reserving one day to update your records and collect important documents that you will need for a more convenient move. If you own a vehicle, completing the requirements and documents to have your driver’s licence and vehicle registration updated will reduce the stress of having to get the paperwork done upon moving. Accomplishing these simple tasks will allow you to focus on other important things and be more productive when you reach your new home.

Labelling boxes/containers

Whilst it is usually easy to remember where items are placed, it can be challenging to do so, especially when you have too many items to pack and organise. If you have plenty of boxes to pack, it will be difficult to remember where certain items are packed or which rooms these boxes belong to upon arriving in your new home.

Tip: Label each box and container as you pack. Consider using markers and labels with different colours to make it easier to identify their contents or the room they would go to. For example, you can choose a specific colour or label for all the items that belong to a specific room. You can also add these to your inventory to make it easy to account for your belongings during the uplift and delivery.

Packing an overnight bag

Long-distance travel and unpacking your belongings at once can be tiring. At the end of the day, you may not have enough energy to unpack all the boxes containing essential items such as toiletries, food, and a change of clothes.

Tip: It will be more beneficial for you to pack a separate bag or box containing enough supplies for two days or a week depending on how long it will take your items to be delivered.

Cleaning the old home

Packing and preparing your belongings for an interstate move takes a lot of time and energy. Hence, it is quite easy to forget about giving the home a proper clean. It is not required, but leaving the place clean and orderly is a common courtesy and it lessens the risks of getting deductions on your deposit.

Tip: Set a date for cleaning the entire property before the movers arrive. If you don’t have enough time, consider hiring professional cleaners to tidy up the place. With this option, you can leave as soon as the uplift is complete with peace of mind that the entire property will be clean and ready for the next occupant.


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