7 Mistakes Not To Make In Your Bathroom Remodel


A bathroom remodeling is a good way to add life to your bathroom and make it look good again. Over the years, the bathroom would have lost its appeal and would begin to have some flaws not just in its appearance but in other aspects, like the structure, the design, and so on. In short, you will be dissatisfied with the overall look and feel of your bathroom and would want something better. Getting your bathroom remodeled would help improve the look of things.

Whether you are remodeling the bathroom as a part of the bigger project, like a full house remodeling, or it is a standalone project, you have to take many things into consideration to avoid making mistakes. The idea of remodeling is to improve the look of your bathroom. This is not just about painting the walls or changing your tiles. This is a total overhaul that upgrades a lot of things. For such a project, you have to be careful so you do not make mistakes. Mistakes that come with remodeling are not only expensive but you would have to deal with them for a very long time unless you have money to correct them.

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In this article, we will be looking at some of the mistakes to avoid.

Failing To Make A Plan

The first mistake you should avoid making is to jump right into the remodeling without creating a plan to guide you. Having a plan gives you something to follow. A plan helps you know exactly what you have to do and solve problems you might encounter even before you start to make the whole remodeling process a breeze. Not having a plan would make you discover problems during the remodeling phase and would make you waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to solve them. Also, when you do not have a plan, you may begin to discover things you should have done after the remodeling is over.

Not Taking Color Choices Seriously

The colors you need in your bathroom are very important things you have to consider. It is not something you leave till the remodeling is coming to a close. The colors you use for your tiles, paint, ceilings, and other areas in the bathroom have to be decided long before. This would give you enough time to choose between colors and know which one to stick with, and how well they blend with the rest of the design in the room.

Not Efficiently Utilizing Available Space

Whether your bathroom is big or small, you have to make the conscious decision to adequately manage the space you are working with. You can have a big bathroom and mismanage the space so much that you would not have enough space to walk through. Also, you have to make sure you know what your space can hold. Not every bathroom can hold a tub and still have space for other things. As much as you want a tub, if the space you have is not just right for it, you can consider skipping it. A shower would work best in such a space instead, especially one with a custom shower pan. You should try your best to maximize the space you are working with.

Creating An Unrealistic Budget

Bathroom remodeling is a project that requires a lot of money if you hope for the best results. You are changing everything in your bathroom so you should know how well to budget to enable you to achieve the best. You should endeavor to come up with a budget that would help you achieve all you want. The budget you dedicate would determine what you end up with, so you should set out enough money if you truly want the best. If possible, set out some extra money to fix problems that may arise.

Bad Lighting

You also have to invest money in your bathroom lights. Using good lights would improve the appearance of your bathroom and help to add depth to it. Using pot lights, especially in the shower because it does not get in the way. White lights are the preferred ones to use.

Using The Wrong Materials

Using the wrong materials would do nothing but ruin your bathroom faster. Because there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom, you need materials that can help protect your walls and floor. So you should use materials that are specifically designed for the bathroom for the best results.

Rushing The Remodeling Process

By all means, do not rush the remodeling process. You have to give time for things to dry and set in before you continue. Rushing the process would only result in poor work, which would only make things untidy. Give your workers ample time to work without mounting pressure on them.

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