7 Casino Games With The Lowest House Edge

Who knew that gambling and math would go together? In every casino game, there are odds of winning and if you have a good understanding of what the House Edge is, you could increase your chances of winning. Here is a look at the seven casino games with the lowest House Edge.

The House Edge Defined

Before we countdown the seven casino games with the lowest House Edge, let’s first learn what that means. The House Edge is the mathematical advantage the casino has over you for any particular game. The Edge is calculated from playing a casino game over a long time. The advantage specifically notes an assured percentage of return to the casino over time and the assured percentage of loss of what you are betting.

1. Roulette

The House Edge for Roulette, when the wheel used has a single zero, starts at 2.5%. Here’s the breakdown of the math related to roulette. The game pays 35-1 on straight bets although there are 37 numbers on the wheel. With the double zero added to the wheel, the odds shift even higher in favor of the casino with 35-1 payouts against 38 numbers.

2. Slot Machines

The House Edge on these bright, flashing machines is from 2% to 10%. Sure, payouts are not nearly as good as they are at some of the table games, online casinos see the most action on slots. Plus, the competition is fierce where software suppliers are always updating programs to include several extra features like free spins and bonus rounds to keep you playing.

3. Video Poker

The House Edge here spans from 5% to 0.5% but you do have several different options available to you regardless of your poker skills. Some video poker games, such as Jacks Or Better and Deuces Wild do push up your odds of winning, slightly. For beginners, these two variations are a good way to build your video poker confidence and win a little as you do.  

4. Three Card Poker

The House Edge is noted as starting at 1.5%. The speed of this game has assisted it in gaining popularity in many casinos. Basic poker strategy will help you get through it but the payouts are still dependent on the cards the dealer draws. It is still a fun variation to traditional poker and a great introduction to the game for beginners.

5. Baccarat

The House Edge on this game starts at 1.5%. Baccarat is simply a game of strategy that does not have the bells, whistles or flashing lights of the slot machines. A strict card distribution guideline is the foundation of this game where you can bet on the Player, Banker or a Tie. Because a Banker bet includes a fee, you’d do better betting on the Player instead.

6. Craps

The House Edge here ranges from 5% to 1.4%. Craps is an interesting game. While playing in a casino, it is often the most exciting of the games but online there are so many rules that it doesn’t see as much action. What makes craps a good bet is that it has one of the lowest house edges of all casino games. For example, Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets have a House Edge of about 1.4%.

7. Blackjack

The House Edge is from 1.5%. The difference when comparing variations of Blackjack boils down to the cards. In single-deck games, there are just 52 cards and winning percentages for you are at their best. By using the basic Blackjack strategy, you stand a good chance at winning far more at this game than almost any other in the casino. More card decks added equals fewer odds for you.

What Is The Point Behind The House Edge?

The House Edge is a mechanism that has been built into each casino game to give the casino better odds. The reason for this is simple, casinos are businesses and to stay in business they must make money. To do that, the House Edge gives the casino better odds at winning than you to ensure that a profit is realized by the casino over the long term.

In simple terms, the House Edge is how much money the casino is making from a particular game. The rest of the money from that game is given back to players as winnings. This means that from all the money bet at a specific casino game, the casino pays it all out as winnings to players minus a small percentage that the casino gets to keep. It’s like a commission.

Can You Beat The House Edge?

Not likely. Sure, you could win a little here and there but the House Edge is what keeps the casinos in operation. You can mathematically ‘beat’ the House Edge odds by just playing no deposit spins or bonus spins on slot machines and pocketing the payouts but that would take far too long and the payouts would not be very significant.

However, trying to beat the odds is what attracts many to the casino in the first place. And when you consider that the majority of the cash collected through betting is distributed as winnings, you do have some kind of advantage over non-gamblers just by playing. Your main competitors at this point are all the other people who have contributed to the prize pool.

In Conclusion

According to Lucian Marinescu, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, “the House Edge is sort of an insurance policy for the casino. It gives them a guaranteed “piece of the pie” in order to stay in business. However, not all casino games have the same level of House Edge. ”

Some games give you a better chance of winning compared to others. What will give you an even better edge at the casino is your gambling skills. Keep in mind that gambling should be a form of entertainment, with the possibility of winning some extra cash as a bonus for playing a casino game or two. It should not be taken out of context.