7 Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing For Your Business Property


You are less likely to notice commercial metal roofing because you don’t walk staring at rooftops. However, when you see it, you will be drawn by the aesthetic of the roof.

Metal roofing is common in many homes and business properties. People go for them because of the advantages these roofs come with, including their aesthetic nature.

One of the advantages of Commercial roofing in Lubbock is that you are spoilt for choice. There are many types of metal roofing. Your choice will depend on several factors like the roof slope, architectural authenticity, and weather endurance.

With the many choices in the market, it is essential to set a budget and know what you want before checking the options. We suggest you click the link to contact a company providing the best roof flashing nz.

You don’t need to break a bank for a metal roof. While adhering to your budget, also consider the other essential factors. Choose metal sheets that are durable and energy-efficient. Check out what the experts say about the factors that affect the durability of metal roofing and find out what kind of roofing can withstand even the harshest weather condition.

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

There are about four common metal roofing materials. Each metal material has its pros and cons and different functions.

Before you decide which one suits your building best, ensure you research them first to see if they have the qualities you want.


Copper is a common material known for its durability and ability to withstand adverse climates. It can last for over 200 years. The good thing about these sheets is that they are recyclable, which helps save the environment.

Although copper is a soft material, you will love it for its quietness. When you are experiencing storms with hailstones, you might not hear much noise from the rain.

However, the softness of the material is a disadvantage, too, because hailstones cause it to wear out quickly.

The hails cause denting and damage to the sheets, reducing their beauty. Copper is a good conductor of heat, and changes in temperatures cause contraction and expansion of the metal sheet. It also attracts a lot of heat, making the home uncomfortable.


Zinc is a favorite metal to many commercial property owners because of its durability. This roofing can last for over 100 years, with adverse climates and scorching sun.

Zinc metal sheets are also available in many shapes because the material is easy to manipulate. Although the material ages with a not-so-appealing look, it is easy to clean and control. Zinc can be recycled, so it’s environmentally friendly.

While you’ll likely love zinc sheets the moment you see them, the material is expensive. In addition, you cannot DIY these sheets because they need professional installation for you to enjoy the benefits. It is also not very strong, especially during the hails.


Steel sheets are made from a mixture of iron and other elements. Commercial building owners prefer this material for roofing, and it is becoming familiar with homeowners.

Steel is a recyclable material, and most of these sheets come from the recycling of old steel metal sheets that existed. It is also affordable compared to copper and zinc, and you can get the roofing in different shapes.

Since many people prefer copper and zinc to steel, manufacturers have mimicked the two materials with steel sheets. In addition, they use special paints to match the natural aesthetic of zinc and copper.


If you live along the coast, a roofer will undoubtedly advise you to install an aluminum roof. That is because the material is resistant to salt corrosion, although it is a highly reactive metal.

Aluminum reacts with oxygen to create a new layer of aluminum oxide, which protects the inner layer of the sheet from corrosion. Also, manufacturers include a painted coating to protect the sheets, although the coating is not appealing to many.

These metal sheets are expensive to buy. It also does not withstand adverse weather conditions because they cause damages to the roof material.

Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Here are a few advantages of commercial metal roofing systems you should know.


Although some of these metal roof materials are expensive, they last longer than other types of roofs. A correctly installed metal roof will last for about 50 years, a reason many property owners will go for them.

Cheap And Easy To Maintain

Most of these metal sheets do not fade, so you will not incur the cost of repainting them. Additionally, they have a special coating to protect them from sun rays and corrosion. Unlike single-ply and gravel roofs, these do not need scheduled maintenance.

They are very light and easy to install. However, it is advisable to get an installer to do it for you. This is because if wrongly installed, the roofs might not perform as they should.


If you are looking for beauty in a roof, the commercial metal ones are a good choice for you. These materials are easy to manipulate so that you can select a shape from many options.

Another advantage is that you can easily stain these roofs to a color of your choice. Choose a color that marries your home’s theme and style.

Energy Efficiency

Zinc and copper reflect light which helps to reduce heat absorption. Keeping the house cool minimizes the work of heating and cooling systems, hence lower energy bills.

Withstand Adverse Weather Condition

Metal roofs are hard and efficient at shedding water. As a result, the roofs rarely bend and warp when the weather is unfavorable, like during hailstones. This is one of the reasons they are expensive.

Fire Resistance

Installing fire-resistance roofs in a commercial building is very important because your clients’ properties are kept safe. If your commercial building has activities that quickly lead to fire breakouts, you can go for copper, aluminum, or zinc roofs.

Fewer Costs

Although some of these roofs are expensive to buy, they are worth investing in on your home. Also, they do not need to be maintained, unlike other types of roofs. You will also not need to worry about replacements because these roofs last long.

Final Words

It is hard to notice a commercial metal roof, but you will want your home to have such roofing when you see it. There are many commercial metal roofing materials, and your choice will depend on your budget and preference.

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