6 Ways To Secure Sliding Doors From Intruders


Sliding glass doors are a great way to combine an indoor-outdoor lifestyle with much natural light and a great view. Not only are they stylish and functional aesthetic statements, but they may also pose a security issue. Sliders offer advantages and disadvantages that aren’t seen in regular wood or steel doors.

Sliding doors pose a risk to homeowners, so some may be hesitant to put them on their property. Here are a few easy precautions you can take for the safety of your sliding doors:

1. Install A Lock System

On the internet or a local hardware store, you may find a wide range of locks to choose from. The two-bolt locking mechanism is one you can easily install yourself. You can attach it to the door’s closure point and secure it with steel bolts.

You may also use a key to open the door. This can be placed on either the top or the bottom of your front door. This lock has pins to keep the door from sliding, and it can be adjusted to accommodate practically any door height.

Because the lock isn’t easily accessible, it makes it easier to close the sliding door all the way and clear out the upper track.

2. Use Pocket Door Locks

Most typical interior doors are thicker than sliding doors, and they might be much narrower. As a result, it’s critical to pick the finest pocket door lock for the thickness of the door you’re going to put it on.

The best pocket door locks can be adjusted to fit most interior doors. Tighten the bolts to the point where the lockset securely grips the door.

Standard features of pocket door locks are oversized edges that glide over the latch side of the door, concealing any differences and producing a smooth, uniform appearance. This makes it difficult for intruders to get access to your property.

3. Add An Alarm Sensor

Sliding glass door detail and rail embed in floor

Surrounding the door’s exterior with alarm system alerts is an excellent approach to protect sliding glass doors from a break-in attempt. It has been observed that burglars are less likely to break into a home if an alarm system is in place.

However, if a burglar decides to enter via the shattered glass of your sliding door with a brick or a rock, you may also install a glass break sensor. If done correctly, this is a simple and cost-effective alternative to an alarm system for the sliding glass door. It will sound a loud alert as soon as the glass on the sliding glass door is shattered.

4. Use Biometric Door Locks

The biometric door lock has revolutionized the way we ensure security in our personal life and business. It provides for a one-of-a-kind identification in which a person’s fingerprints may be utilized to produce a positive identity.

It’s easy to find the list of the best biometric door locks online to help you which one to install in your home or business. This invention provides a degree of protection that we’ve never seen in the past. It also has several unique security features, such as passcode entry.

It’s impossible to duplicate a fingerprint as it’s unique to the person who owns it. Therefore, only registered fingerprints are allowed to unlock a door with a fingerprint lock.

5. Install A Shatterproof Film

Installing a shatterproof film is also an excellent choice to enhance the security of sliding glass doors against break-in threats.

A damaged sliding glass door can be protected by a polyethylene coating, which makes entering a property more difficult for intruders. The shatterproof film is usually a cost-effective alternative that can be tinted or translucent to help with sun exposure.

6. Install A Security Camera

A security camera is the best option for areas of the house that pose a safety risk, and this includes positions where sliding glass doors are located. You can operate the camera even when you’re not at home if you link it to your smartphone or laptop.

Security cameras are generally expensive, complex to set up, and require a regular subscription. However, they are an excellent option for susceptible areas, so the investment will be worthwhile in the long run.

Burglars and other intruders are less likely to damage your sliding glass doors if they see a visible security camera pointed at them. This is because they wouldn’t want their acts to be recorded, leading to possible arrest and imprisonment.


Securing your sliding glass doors from possible break-ins is as crucial as thinking about or choosing their design. Criminals who want to get easy access to a property are particularly interested in sliding glass doors, but this won’t be possible if you’ve secured them with locks or any of the precautionary systems mentioned in this article.


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