6 Ways to Make Money From Your Homestead


Do you run a homestead, or are you interested in doing so? While it sounds like an exciting adventure to try, it can be daunting. You have to ensure you have the means to survive – something which isn’t always a given. You rely a lot on Mother Nature and your own skill sets. Because of this, it could be difficult to find the means to stay successful. You’ll often end up investing more than you possibly take in.

However, if you want to grow as a homesteader, consider selling things from your homestead to make an income. This can help you keep your homestead running smoothly. Below you’ll discover a handful of ways you can make a profit off of your homestead.

6 Ways to Make Money Off Your Homestead

1. Raise Poultry for Meat or Eggs

One way to earn money is to raise poultry for meat or eggs. You’ll find that there’s a strong market for these things as more people look to buy and support small local businesses.

Raising poultry is easier. While you’ll still need to invest in feed and protect them from predators, they usually tend to themselves. Chickens are a popular option, but you could also try raising guinea hens, turkeys, ducks, and geese.

Regardless of what you raise, you’ll need to ensure they have the proper place to live in. A chicken coop on wheels is a great choice for almost any poultry type. This transportable device provides a safe space for the poultry to nest and feed in. It’s also extremely durable thanks to its aluminum frame, so the flocks will be safe from harsh weather elements.

2. Sell Fruits and Vegetables

Another thing to consider is selling any fruits and vegetables you grow on your land. While you can offer your harvest at your homestead, it might be worthwhile to visit local markets. This can help you get the word out about your offerings and reach a broader market.

Remember, though, that if you want to make money from fruits and vegetables, it’s often ideal to be creative with them. You’ll likely have a bit of competition, especially in the spring and summer. If you want to stand out, grow unique fruits and vegetables. You might also consider specializing in certain ones, like organically grown or heirloom ones.

3. Get Artistic

Consider selling art. This could be pressed flowers from your garden or even woven textiles from cotton and similar fibers you grow. Many enjoy buying unique artistic goods, so you could have a strong market for your products if you get innovative.

4. Grow Mushrooms

Another option to consider is starting a mushroom farm. Not only is this eco-friendly, but a great way to offer a healthy and delicious treat for people to use. Besides this, mushroom farming is also quite affordable and doesn’t take up much space, depending on how big you want to go.

Apart from people, studies have also shown that animals enjoy eating mushrooms. So you could grow some to offer to local farmers.

Make sure to research the types you grow carefully. Some of the most popular edible types include:

  • Shiitake
  • Oyster
  • Lion’s mane
  • Portobello
  • Morels

To start this though, you need to ensure you have a secure dark location to put the substrate and the spawn in. You’ll also need to water and add good humidity for them to grow meticulously. Finally, remember that some areas might require you to have a food license to sell them.

5. Offer Baked Goods

If you enjoy the culinary arts, consider selling baked goods. These can include items that you potentially grow, like zucchini, blueberries, tomatoes, or apples. You can rotate baked goods to reflect seasonal changes, local favorites or to stand out against the competition.

If you’re really into it, you might even try to grow your own wheat and grains to use in the baked goods. This way, you’re completely self-sustainable and can stand out from the competition because you produce almost everything yourself.

6. Start Beekeeping

Beekeeping offers plenty of benefits. Not only can you sell honey and beeswax items, but your bees can help pollinate your homestead’s plants, so they’re of the utmost quality for selling. In addition, many look for these beeswax products to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle or honey to help with allergies, so there’s a good chance you could make a decent profit from them.

Depending on how much you enjoy beekeeping, you could also sell bees to local farms or offer bee removal services. Remember, though, that for this, you might need a beekeeping license for this.

There are plenty of ways you can make money from your homestead. Whether it’s fresh fruits and vegetables or works of art, there are countless options to consider that can help you make a significant income.

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