6 Trendy Flooring Ideas For 2023


Flooring is an element of design that instantly draws your attention when entering a space. Though terrazzo flooring was popular in the 1970s, modern homeowners are opting for solid hardwood flooring options. At the end of the day, flooring trends change with the times and can easily date a home.

Whether you’re an interior design professional or just love to change your personal space, the following flooring trends will dominate the 2023 market!

1. Hardwood Still Rules

Hardwood has been a go-to flooring option for many decades, and homeowners of today still opt for these timeless classics. Having said that, the grain, design, and tone of the wood itself does tend to change with the times. That means the hardwood flooring you installed in 1995 can easily date your modern home!

Color and style are the foundations for modern hardwood flooring trends. Most designers tend to choose hardwood flooring in cool desaturated tones such as gray, light and dark brown, and white washes. For those preferring a warmer pallette, these floors are also gaining in popularity. Honey brown and copper offer a modern yet light and airy feel to the design.

**Matte and satin finishes with minimal gloss are trending for 2023, and wide plank flooring is also becoming more popular.

2. Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring carries a high price tag that many homeowners are unwilling or unable to splurge on. Fortunately, engineered and imitation hardwoods are designed to look like the real thing while offering easier upkeep and maintenance.

Vinyl and tile planks are leading this trend for the next year. Both of these materials are ideal for high-traffic areas while also providing a waterproof barrier against accidental spills and messes.

You can ensure that your flooring looks exactly like the real thing by choosing options that contain a grainy or embossed texture.

3. Environmentally-Conscious Materials

The push for environmentally-friendly materials has never been more real than in recent years. From cars to household products, consumers want to know they’re doing what they can to help our planet. If you care about reducing your environmental impact, green flooring options are the perfect trend!

Some of the greener flooring options worth considering include materials such as cork, linoleum, bamboo, reclaimed wood, and hardwood with certification from the FSC.

4. Carpeting Is Still Going Strong

Carpeting, though highly traditional, is still proving the number one flooring option. In fact, it still accounts for at least 60 percent of all flooring sales! It offers a warm and cozy home environment without making the design feel cold or sterile.

Carpet trends seem to wax and wane, but for the next few years, bold textures and flecks of color are the projected norms. These carpets can help minimize flaws within a home while offering a unique and trendy personalized space.

5. Non-Traditional Unique Shapes

Though subway tiles still seem to be going strong, more and more designers are choosing unique and non-traditional shapes. Organic shapes and quirky geometrics are quickly becoming new ways of adding a fresh outlook on design. We are seeing more and more patterns being introduced with LVT flooring.

Before installing your flooring, make sure to also pay attention to grout color. A contrasting grout color can help your new flooring pop and will allow you to call attention to the unique pattern!

6. Tiled Patterns For Luxury Design

Tiled patterns are becoming a trendy favorite of interior designers. Gone are the days when designs meant choosing tiles with printed or painted patterns! This new trend involves using the tiles themselves to lay down a unique design. The act of creating patterns with your flooring material allows you to modernize an otherwise dated traditional trend.

For those seeking something contemporary yet classic, laying tiles in alternating black and white colors can help curb that dated feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match tile shapes or sizes! For example, you can greatly enhance a striped color-coded pattern by opting to alternate between regular tiles and penny tiles for added uniqueness.  Of course, when choosing anything trendy, make sure that it’s still timeless enough to look good in your home for a few years. This is very much true unless you tend to change your flooring regularly.


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