6 things to know before buying your first robot vacuum


The robot vacuum cleaner has been the first choice across the world for cleaning room. It comes with an automatic sensor and intelligent programming to take self-decision in removing dust from your home. Instead of having some extraordinary features, there are some issues as well.

However, if you’re new in using a robot vacuum cleaner, you must know some things before buying a specific one. If you can handle the following factors properly, it will bring you the best outcome in your practical life. Let’s dive on!

What is the robot vacuum?

The robot vacuum is an autonomous vacuum cleaner that comes with some extra cleaning features and is helpful for homes. With the anti-drop and anti-bump IR sensor, it can accomplish the cleaning process at ease. Anti-winding technology stops it by detecting obstacles during the cleaning cycle. Besides, it comes with auto cleaning mode to offer the best support in cleaning your floor, furniture, wall, and other hard to reach places.

No matter how your floor is, it will help you clean, vacuuming, and mopping floors irrespective of hardwood, tiles, and laminate. The anti-tangle technology will resist it from getting stuck during the cycle as well. Most importantly, it can clean up dust most efficiently than a regular vacuum cleaner.

Things to know before buying a robot vacuum

You will find the best comfort in cleaning home through a robot vacuum cleaner. But you have to suffer some disorders that are manageable. If you know exquisitely about those before picking one, you could surpass all the difficulties. Now you’re going to acquaint with those factors from homegearslab.com.

You have to clean up their brushes:

A robot vacuum comes with advanced technology and design. It has a built-in brush to clean up things. With a simple press on the “clean” button, it will start executing its job with the brushes. After using for a few days, if you find something different regarding its cleaning performance. There is nothing to worry about; it just needs to clean up the brushes.

There will be a gathering of dust, pollen, and other particles around the brushes. As a result, it won’t work swiftly, like before. Though some brands claim the self-cleaning process, it won’t be cleaned the brushes automatically. So, you have to clean up the bushes on a regular basis to get the optimal outcome.

They can be noisy

Almost all the robot vacuum cleaners are designed for offering silent operation. But ultimately, it seems impossible due to some structural reasons. They produce a little bit of noise while hanging out on your room, wall, furniture, and other stuff. It seems bothersome when you asleep.

If you’re planning to have your first robot vacuum, you must be ready to endure the noise tease. The best solution is keeping the vacuum off during sleeping time. You can clean up your home while you’re working or outdoor.

You have to empty those

After using every time, you have to empty the dust bin regularly. As it collects dust and other particles from floor, wall, and furniture, therefore those get gathered in the bin. When the amount of dust becomes exceed, the cleaning operation might be hampered. Hence, you have to empty those every day after every use.

Some robot cleaner tends to offer the self-emptying facility, but those are expensive. If you think you afford costly cleaners, you don’t need to bear extra hassle. But if you can turn the emptying process into your habit, you will feel comfortable doing it regularly.

They can damage the power cord and speaker cable

It’s a bitter truth that the robot vacuum cleaner can damage the power cord, speaker cable, shoelaces, and other necessary stuff. Do you feel amazed? It’s no wonder. During cycling, it will damage every tiny thing on its way. As a result, it will bring an adverse situation in the long run.

In this case, you have to pick the power cord, shoelaces, and speaker cable off the floor before starting the cleaning process. Also, you can resist the robot vacuum for hurting things if it comes with floor-scanning technology. It will stop zipping on the necessary things that are found on the floor and furniture. But you have to pay handsome money to get this advanced facility.

There may have battery concern

A robot vacuum cleaner works on battery. With the arrangement of myriad functions, it seems tedious to load the overall process for the battery. Though a robot vacuum cleaner comes with a high-quality battery, there may have battery concern. You may have to replace batteries often. Besides, there may lessen the charge during the cleaning cycle. As a result, you have to recharge the battery without completing the cleaning process thoroughly.

On average, you can clean an hour and a half with a single charge through a robot vacuum cleaner. These are supposed to accomplish the entire cleaning session without any interval and recharge. If you can pick the right vacuum with an ideal battery, it will support you most on the cleaning session.

They get stuck sometimes

Despite having anti-tangle technology to all robot vacuum cleaner, they may get stuck sometimes on the rubber doorstop. As a result, it stops cycling and ultimately cleaning your room. Most of them can avoid obstacle like furniture, loose shoes and so on, but the problem arise when it approaches the rubber door. To get rid of these difficulties, you have to keep the door off during the cleaning process.

Also, you can choose a cleaner that comes with an optical sensor to map your floor plan automatically. As a result, it won’t reach the door and ultimately won’t get stuck. It’s a temporary problem; you won’t be bothered often at all. If you want to know if a robot vacuum can work in rooms and surfaces that are naturally dark, you can read our article, Can a Robotic Vacuum Work in Dark Rooms and Surfaces?

Final words

Applying a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the home is much easier than sweeping or wiping. If the vacuum works with auto mode function, the overall cleaning process seems more comfortable and effective. If you think you’re capable of managing all those, you can purchase your first robot vacuum.

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