6 Signs You Need HVAC Repair


It’s advisable to always pay attention to how your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is functioning because no one wants to see their air conditioner (AC) go down, especially during summer. Often, your AC may start experiencing difficulties if it’s old or you don’t regularly keep its maintenance routine. Remember that a well-functioning AC is essential to your family’s comfort and health. Hence, everyone wants a reliable cooling system at all times.

Additionally, if you regularly subject your unit to HVAC repair, you avoid costly repair services down the line. In other words, familiarity with your air conditioning systems can save you money in the long run. So, if you’re having difficulties fixing your AC, it’s best to call an HVAC repair services team for maintenance and replacement.

The following are some signs you need to be aware of to maintain the usual functional condition of your HVAC:

1. Strange Odors

The air from your AC is not supposed to smell foul, but if it does, some factors may be causing it, and none of them are good. It might indicate the presence of molds inside the unit, burnt wire connection, dead rodents, fluid leaks, and other unknown harmful factors. So, if you smell a foul odor when you turn on your AC, you must call in an expert to diagnose the problem before it worsens.

Fortunately, professional teams can advise you on what to do about your AC problem. It’s also best not to ignore the smell your AC emits because the problem can lead to more issues later on.

Besides, taking in pollutants might seriously affect your and your whole family’s respiratory system. So, have your AC checked as soon as possible to protect your loved ones’ health.

2. Rise In Electric Bills

It’s normal to experience bill fluctuation throughout the year due to season changes. However, if it’s an unusual spike, you should consider calling a professional to examine all your home appliances, especially the HVAC unit.

A rise in the electric bill without any other extra usage is one of the crucial signs your AC needs repair or replacement. This can be due to a broken thermostat, a duct leak, an old AC system, or other related issues.

3. Presence Of Water Leaks Around The AC

Technician is checking air conditioner ,measuring equipment for

Water leaks around your AC are one of the clear signs your AC requires repair. Even though the release of cool air to your room relies on refrigeration, and sometimes condensation may occur, there shouldn’t be any water leaks around the room. Thus, if you’ve seen some water leaks around your home, you should call an AC service team for immediate repairs.

Water damage risks your home’s accessories, floor, furniture, and other appliances that might get severe damage from the water. Of course, this is the last thing a homeowner wants because it would incur extra repair costs on their end.

4. Loud Noises

Typically, ACs are known to produce some noise, but not some weird grinding, squealing, or scraping noises. So, these strange noises while your AC functions could be a sign of breakdown. This could also indicate that the belt inside your AC unit is experiencing some difficulties. Regardless, have your AC repaired immediately before the damage spreads to other parts of the AC.

5. Poor Airflow

Air blowing out of your vents is something you should have checked immediately. This is similar to warm airflow if you turn on your AC, but the air that comes out is weak, so it circulates poorly throughout your rooms. This indicates that the ducts in your HVAC need repair or replacement.

The best solution here is to call the AC repair service team to check the filters and perhaps even deep clean the whole HVAC unit. Should the problem persist even after the repair, installing an energy recovery ventilator is highly advisable. A ventilator plays the same role as an air filter, helping circulate the air in a room. It’s also best to ask for professional advice on which best air conditioners to install in your home.

6. High Humidity

One of the benefits of having an AC in your home is having a comfortable and healthier space. So, it shouldn’t provide you with the clean and livable atmosphere you deserve. The humidity level in your room should also be moderate. Furthermore, your AC should generate an accurate moisture level compared to the outside weather. Therefore, if you notice your humidity remains high even after running the AC, it only means the AC isn’t functioning as usual and needs immediate attention.


This article listed the signs you need to know if your HVAC requires repair. Still, if you’re uncertain about the issue your AC is experiencing, it’s best to contact an AC technician because they possess the required knowledge and experience to fix problems related to your AC.


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