6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your AC Unit

An air conditioning (AC) unit is a significant expense in your home, so keeping it in excellent working condition is essential. Failure to observe routine maintenance checks may result in your unit breaking down sooner than expected.

If you know nothing about AC units, you’re probably unaware of the signs that indicate your cooling unit is nearing the end of its service life. Before you call in the professionals for a new AC installation, look at the list below to ensure it’s indeed time for a replacement.

1. No Cool Air Is Coming Out Of The Vents

Your AC is not working properly if you cannot feel air coming out of your vents. If there’s no airflow, it’s time to call an air conditioning company to repair or possibly replace the unit.

If you can feel cool air coming out of the vents, but it’s not cold enough, this could signify that you need a new unit. It could also indicate that something in your system needs attention, like refrigerant leaks or dirty coils.

2. Your Energy Bill Is Too High

If you want to know if your AC unit is running efficiently, look at your energy bill. If it’s considerably higher than it used to be and you don’t see any reason for this increase, your unit may no longer be energy-efficient. Thus, it could be a sign that you need to replace your cooling unit.

Monitor spikes in your energy bill to help determine when it may be time for a routine maintenance check or replacement.

3. Moisture Around The Unit

When the air conditioning system is working properly, it will remove moisture from the air. However, if there’s a leak in the unit or an improperly installed ductwork system, you may find moisture around your AC unit. This can lead to mold and mildew growth inside your unit.

Moisture can also cause damage to your AC unit by degrading its internal components over time. In addition, moisture makes for an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause illnesses like pneumonia or meningitis.

Most importantly, excess moisture may lead to excess heat buildup within your system, eventually causing it to break down.

4. Constant Humming Sound Coming From The Unit

It could be a sign of trouble if you hear an unusual humming sound from your AC unit. The compressor is the component that cools and dehumidifies air in your home, so it’s constantly running. However, the sound of the compressor should be relatively quiet and smooth. If it’s unusually loud or has a grinding noise, there may be something wrong with your system.

If you’re hearing strange sounds from your AC unit but aren’t sure what they mean, call heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals for help. They’ll inspect your system for signs of damage or wear and tear that could cause problems down the road.

5. Water Is Leaking

You may have noticed that your AC unit is leaking. This is a common problem that homeowners encounter and can indicate that it’s time to replace their air conditioning system.

Here’s how to tell:

  • Water Leaks From The Unit Itself: If your AC unit is leaking water from the inside, this is usually an indication that a leaky coil or other internal component is causing the damage. In this case, replacing these parts will likely fix the problem and stop further leaks but won’t solve any issues related to low performance or an outdated system.
  • Water Leaks From Vents Outside: This type of leak typically indicates that something is wrong with your drain line or that another part of your system isn’t functioning correctly due to age or wear and tear. If you’ve replaced all possible internal causes for a leaky hose but failed to stop the leak, it may be time to replace some parts outside the unit before the damage worsens.

6. Dust And Debris Are Blowing Out Of The Vents

Dirty air conditioning unit cover in leaves during autumn. Home

If you notice dust and debris blowing out of the vents, this is a clear sign that you need to clean or replace the filter. You can clean it yourself and save some money, but if you’re unsure how to do so or if it looks like the filter needs immediate replacement, it’s best to call an AC technician.

If this frequently happens, like once a month or more, it may be time for an AC replacement. A clogged filter is usually just a symptom of more serious problems with your unit.

For example, if there’s mold growing on the evaporator coil fins because of the dirt buildup over time, this could mean that mold will grow elsewhere if left unchecked.


Whenever you encounter issues with your air conditioning unit, you’re probably torn if you should just give up on your old cooling unit and consider buying a new one. With the above telltale signs that it’s time to replace your AC unit, you don’t have to second-guess yourself. You can start looking for a suitable replacement unit to cool your home.

However, if you still have doubts, contact a reputable air conditioning company for expert advice.