6 Reasons You Should Call an Emergency Plumber


We all enjoy the comfort of a clean and nice-smelling home environment. However, once in a while, we experience clogged drains, blocked toilets, and a kitchen sink whose dirty water won’t move an inch. These problems do not only lead to inconveniences but also lead to water wastage. A good solution is to call a plumber when the need arises. The better option is to invite a plumber to do a thorough checkup instead of waiting for an emergency. If you need an emergency plumber right now, Candu Plumbing will get you sorted.

Below we look at six reasons you should call an emergency plumber.

Burst and Leaking Pipes

These could be due to internal problems such as blockage or destruction of pipes from the outside. Burst pipes can make a place uninhabitable; this is worsened if they are carrying waste.

If the pipes are connected to clean water, this results in wastage. Always ensure everyone in the household knows where water valves are located. In case there’s a burst or cracks on a pipe, the best option is to close that valve. This ensures no water flows in until the plumber arrives.

Overflowing Toilets

This is one of the worst-case scenarios that would demand the need for a plumber. A flooding toilet is not just a health hazard; it makes life unbearable due to the stench emanating from the toilets. The best approach is to ensure the bathroom is well covered. This helps avoid the transfer of germs to other parts of the house.

Remember to monitor what is going on from afar. You do not want to find your house flooded with the toilet’s contents. In this scenario, getting a plumber should be an emergency as the damage could be so severe.

Little or No Water

The leading cause is low water pressure. This makes it very difficult to use water within a household. Some appliances such as overhead shower heaters may not work with low water pressure. One of the significant causes is clogged buildup on the water pipes, which slows the water movement. A damaged water pump could also mean that there’s little water being pumped through the pipes. Since the water is shared, each household gets a fraction or no water at all.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a significant occurrence and can easily be handled through minor touch-ups. A vacuum pump comes in handy when sinks and drainage systems cannot move waste. A problem arises when there’s an accumulation of dirt that manages to go through the sink openings. For kitchen sinks, a major culprit is cooking oil which cools below the sink. This causes the accumulation of hardened oil over time. Eventually, this leaves a little passage on the drainage pipes. Sometimes there’s hardened grime, and the systems have to be replaced with new ones. Another primary culprit is hair on bathroom sinks. Since hair forms tight knots, it becomes difficult to have it removed using other means. Physical removal by a plumber remains the only option.

Gas Leakage

The smell of natural gas should be a warning sign that things are not in order. This signifies leaking gas which could be disastrous in the whole neighborhood. Most people assume that plumbers only deal with sewerage systems. This is far from the truth.

The best approach is to open doors and windows and any other opening that allows clean air. Always try to establish the source of the leak. If you can locate the gas source, turn off the valves and call a plumber immediately. This should be treated as an emergency as it could be fatal. If you are not familiar with gas leaks, always check out vegetation around certain pipes drying out or bubbles emanating from standing water located near gas pipes.

Malfunctioning Water Heating System

This mostly happens when the heating system is not well maintained. The problem could also arise when repairs are not given the required attention. A malfunctioning water heating system can be a great inconvenience during winter. If the system is not working or you find rust in your water, it’s time to call a plumber. This should also be the case if you notice leaks around the heater or unfamiliar noises emanating from the heating tank. Due to the complexity of the water heating systems, it’s essential to leave the work professionals. It is also important to occasionally drain the tank as this helps remove sediments.

Blocked Sewer Lines

This presents a more significant problem as it may not be directly related to your residence. It could be a problem with the entire sewer line where there’s a blockage. The situation could be worsened if the sewerage system mixes up with the clean water pipes. This leads to infections.

One of the indicators of a blocked sewer line is a foul odor that can sometimes be unbearable. When the problem is on the toilet, it rarely affects the bathroom section. However, if it’s a sewer line issue, even your bathroom will be affected. There will be possible flooding and water flowing back through the sinks.

Do not ignore any of the above signs or procrastinate on calling a plumber. The damage caused by postponing the problem could cost you more in terms of finances.

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